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The Week That Was

Three-day weekends are great for one reason, and one reason only: There's extra time to sneak in a read of these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of May 18.

1. Turn Project Managers into Change Managers: A study found companies can lose millions of dollars because of poor change management. But learning leaders can fix this by equipping project managers and leaders with the right mindset. 

2. Gamification: Sway the Morally Gray Employee: The bad news: Employees in the middle of the moral road threaten your organization's health. The good news: CLOs can use gamification to bring them to the ethical side.

3. Gen Y Wants to Lead — Are They Ready?: More than two-thirds of your employees want to fill the leadership roles you're struggling to fill. Here's what that means for leadership development, writes Ladan Nikravan. 

4. Brand Learning the Chrysler Way: As part of an executive team that oversees six brands, Fiat Chrysler's Al Gardner knows the importance of aligning learning with a company's brand.

5. The Looming Leadership Gap: The silver tsunami is about to make landfall. Are you and your employees ready to take up the leadership duties?

In Other News … 

Bill Gates wants you to read six books this summer, and Business Insider has the list here.

Also, a CEO's tips for dealing with rejection, from The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Finally, five steps to improve your networking skills, via Entrepreneur. Read here.

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