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The Week That Was, February 20-24

Here were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com this week!

Rural Scene Outdoors Nature ConceptThese were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com this week!

  1. The Neuroscience of Self-directed LearningBreaking down what makes top performers so great, and setting up practice and reflection to stimulate certain neural responses, can help you clone your best talent.
  2. This Learning ‘Project’ Is Not that SeriousTreating everything like a formal project can result in unnecessary overhead, wasted effort, slow progress and less-than-optimum results.
  3. Virtual Instructors: Almost as Good as the Real ThingVirtual instructor-led training is a cost conscious and effective learning alternative when budget dollars are scarce.
  4. Promote Learning Transfer, Accelerate Strategy ExecutionTechnology innovations like learning transfer platforms are changing the game when it comes to boosting engagement, performance and accelerating change.
  5. The Learning Side of SearsSears Holdings Corp. Chief Learning Officer Frank Nguyen is using the power of data to help transform the retailer.

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