Education’s Killer App

Creativity is the key to the future economy.

Helping employees make meaning from the tools they use and pairing them with others to explore new frontiers of knowledge leads to higher creativity and breaks us out of the rut we’re in.

How Do You Define Digital Learning?

Digital learning isn't about the tools. It’s about how to integrate them into work, writes industry analyst Josh Bersin.

Everything at work is digital: recruiting, performance management, onboarding, wellness programs and of course learning. As we look at the work required to build an effective digital learning environment at work, it’s turning out to be much harder than we thought. Over the past 15 years we’ve dealt with e-learning, blended learning, social learning, 70-20-10, MOOCs, video learning and microlearning….

How Interactive Is Your Learning?

You don’t need to tap into every cool new technology trend to engage learners. The right learning design combined with traditional storytelling, case studies and testimonials will promote interactivity. 

Most organizations can do much better to deliver engaging learning on the job.