Start with the End in Mind

If your learning initiatives weren’t designed with impact or business results in mind, reconsider how you spend workforce development resources.

Working backward can help you find your starting point.

6 Best Practices We Can All Get Behind

Employees don’t exist in a performance vacuum, and their environment and organizational systems impact the results they produce. Here are six practices no learning leader will disagree with.

Clearly linking learning to the business strategy is best practice number one in both order and importance.

How to Conduct a Learning Audit

Learning and development strategies are like trends — they come and they go. A learning audit can help identify which strategies will produce exactly what the workforce and business need to succeed.

Choosing between a variety of audits allows the CLO to personalize how best to use their resources and budget to meet learning-driven business goals.

What Does Being Strategic Look Like?

Learning leaders hear it all the time. To be truly effective, to protect your budget, to have sustainable business impact, your work must be strategic. But what exactly does that mean?

It looks like a big opportunity for learning leaders.

See the Forest for the Trees

What should learning and development professionals focus on, organizational or workforce development?

CLOs must serve a dual function as leader and communicator to ensure the organization and its workforce are on the same page.