Choose Your Words Carefully

If senior executives aren’t asking learning leaders for business metrics, it’s probably not because they’re disinterested. They may have lost faith in the CLO’s ability to provide them.

By rephrasing and swapping terminology, learning leaders can better convey their successes and connect with their business counterparts in a more meaningful way.

Corporate Learning’s Transformation in the Digital Age

Corporate universities are not what they used to be, and that’s a good thing. These academies are experiencing a digital transformation that connects learners firmly to the business and meets their expectations for developmental growth.

Now’s the time to graduate from the C-suite to the e-suite.

Great Leaders Move Fast

But they are also keen to promote quality. Speed without quality does little to improve work performance or leadership perception and effectiveness.

Here are three proven pathways to increase speed without losing sight of quality.

Workflow Learning: Clarity in a Name

Workflow learning will challenge us by taking us into areas of analysis and design that are very new to many.

True workflow learning needs support-oriented approaches.

Help Managers Manage Tough Talks

Avoiding tough conversations doesn’t leave employees or the company in a better place. Fortunately, managers can develop their ability to confront problems head on.

Better out (constructively) than in.

Should You Still Run Learning Like a Business?

The short answer is absolutely. If you’re not doing so already, make a plan, evaluate needed resources, and execute that plan with discipline.

Learning organizations could have an even greater impact on their organizations if they worked smarter.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

You won't get great performance by pursuing an incremental investment.

Even when people ask for something different, the risk of change, of doing something new, can be terrifying.

Don’t Try to Do So Many Things At Once

Learning leaders can use meditation, mindfulness training and a learning culture to engage employees and discourage the harmful effects of multitasking.

Employee multitasking hurts their productivity and ultimately, the business.