Deloitte Accounts for the Future with Higher Education

As companies look to the future of talent, corporate-university partnerships can play a useful role. Deloitte’s Jon Raphael discusses how his firm works with professors to shape education curriculum for the next generation.

Faced with a continuous need for innovation and a growing skills gap, companies are getting creative and forging partnerships with educators and students to get a jump on identifying and developing the next generation of accountants and auditors. At Deloitte, a global professional services firm, partnerships include the annual Robert M. Trueblood Seminars for Professors, hosted by the Deloitte Foundation and the American Accounting…

Learning’s Role in Innovation

Practices like working out loud, developing community, experimenting and tolerating failure are the path to learning.

Optimal execution is only the cost of entry, and continual innovation will be the only sustainable differentiator.

Entrepreneur As a Skillset

Being an entrepreneur means more than starting a business and taking on risk. Today’s definition is more reflective of a skillset that larger organizations are finding incredibly valuable.

Being entrepreneurial is a special skillset, and someone doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word to have it.