Going the Distance

Set goals, train with intention and provide continuous feedback along the way

Whether using a talent management platform or old-fashioned index cards, the planning process is fundamental to performance.

Managing Career Paths: The Role of CLO

As CLOs take on the broader issue of talent management, they have to consider how people progress through the organization and how development can support that advancement.

Help managers develop the skills to help employees navigate established career paths and blaze new ones.

Learning in Practice 2015: Global Learning Division 2

From Left: Janine Pesci, Flemming Karstens Søeborg, Monika Vikander-Hegarty, Trish McCarty Gold Janine Pesci Principal and Director of Global Talent, Gensler Global design firm Gensler discovered that education would be a crucial element in to create international success. Janine Pesci, director of global talent, helped create its Gensler University Global Leaders program. Now active-learning opportunities aid participants working within four…