Obama’s Parting Leadership Lesson

Former President Barack Obama’s final Medal of Freedom award ceremony wasn’t just a surprise; it set a great example for leaders on the value of workplace recognition.

Grab your workforce’s attention by taking notice of their accomplishments.

How to Overcome a Learning Disaster

Sometimes learning and development programs don’t succeed. Occasionally they’re abject failures. However, there are ways to turn potential disaster into learning opportunities.

It could benefit learning leaders to embrace the developmental opportunities inherent in failure.

It’s Not All About You

To communicate more effectively, and distinguish yourself from those around you, communicate from the other person’s point of view.

By starting from the audience’s perspective you have a better chance to be heard.

How Learning Leaders Win Friends and Influence People

If learning leaders want to make an impact, they have to leave their offices, be curious, connect and be deliberate in how they add value to the business.

Only through authentic relationships can chief learning officers build and maintain the influence that is central to making an impact.

Work in a Second Language to Enhance Decision Making

Applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a new language is not as hard as you think.

Cultural awareness, critical thinking and problem-solving skills contribute to a successful multilingual portfolio.

The Power of Storytelling at Vi

Vi learning and HR leader Judy Whitcomb loves a good story, and those connections — those potential lessons — reveal, shape and enhance learning’s impact in the organization.

As a leader, Vi’s Judy Whitcomb is constantly teaching and constantly learning.

Leaders, Check Your Influence

For a leader, image really can be everything. It can affect employee relationships, performance and most importantly, a leader’s ability to influence outcomes.

Seeing is believing for employees looking to learn by example.

How to Broadcast Happiness in the Workplace

'Broadcasting Happiness' author and former reporter Michele Gielan says everyone has the power to set a positive tone in the workplace.

‘Broadcasting Happiness’ author and former reporter Michele Gielan says everyone has the power to set a positive tone in the workplace.

Speak Your CEO’s Language

When learning leaders talk specific business goals, their CEOs listen — and the business benefits in tangible, measurable ways.