7 Ways to Create a Coaching Culture

The process requires a hardcore leadership investment.

Imagine your organization with a culture of coaching, where every interaction is an opportunity to learn, gain insight and increase performance. Nothing compares to coaching when it comes to helping people perform at their best. Individuals become energized — or re-energized — about their work, take full ownership of their performance, find and rejuvenate long-lost talents, and make major shifts…

When to Coach and When Not to Coach

Coaching should be thoughtfully and carefully applied or not done at all.

Add coaching to my already busy schedule? I can’t! I don’t have time. I don’t know how, and no one is paying attention, anyway.” These are common responses from leaders when they’re asked — or told — to add coaching to their already overloaded plates. All over the world, leaders are using coaching to gain a competitive edge. But does…

Learning in Practice 2015: Collaboration Division 1 Winners

Gold Bechtel Corp. Bechtel Corp., a construction company, brings together carpenters, electricians, pipe fitters and more onto its teams. But these skilled workers are becoming harder to find, and retention is hard to maintain. Bechtel University built a blended-learning program called High Performing Crew, or HPC, which builds knowledge and experiences in leadership, safety, communication and more. Shifting the paradigm…

What Was the Question?

Questions are a tremendous tool when it comes to learning, but communication problems can arise when people don’t answer questions as asked.