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Excellence in Partnership

Recognizes vendors or consultants who have effectively supported a client’s learning and development function to set strategy or establish or implement a program via consulting or whole or partial outsources services.

The Innovation Award

For learning executives who have marshaled resources and applied innovative practices, processes and/or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address a significant business or organizational opportunity.

The Strategy Award

For learning executives who have demonstrated exceptional business acumen combined with forward-looking vision to develop and execute a comprehensive learning strategy that clearly aligns employee development with broader organizational strategy.

The Talent Management Award

For learning executives who have developed a program that effectively integrates learning into broader talent management initiatives such as employee engagement, onboarding, succession planning, recruiting or performance management.

Learning Leadership Award - Past Winners

Named after the founding president and editor in chief of Chief Learning Officer magazine, Norman B. Kamikow, this annual award was established to recognize ongoing and passionate commitment to the advancement of workforce learning and continued advocacy for employee development as a…

2015 LearningElite: Best Practices and Benchmarking Summary

In an effort to benchmark and identify the world’s elite learning organizations, Chief Learning Officer magazine’s editors and its research division — Human Capital Media Advisory Group —established the LearningElite benchmarking program. The intent of the program is to provide the learning and development field a transparent benchmarking program that also recognizes the exceptional efforts of learning organizations across the globe.

Spring Symposium Forecast

Today I'll be passing the metaphorical baton to our Editor-in-Chief, Mike Prokopeak, as he officially welcomes you to the Spring 2015 Symposium.