Reimagining the Learning Experience: Tackling Pain Points

At Texas Health Resources, giving employees greater ease to find and access information is a current priority.

Video production: Andrew Kennedy Lewis and Nina Howard

The diversity of equipment and documentation required in health care presents a special learning challenge for employees of Texas Health Resources, says Daniel Gandarilla, vice president and CLO of the nonprofit health system. To help people easier find and access information based on their individual roles, the learning team is working with the consumer experience division to explore options for delivering a more streamlined learning experience.

Read the full transcript of Gandarilla’s interview below:

We’re working right now on a couple of projects with our consumer experience division. We started this mid-last year, so almost a year ago. And they did a lot of listening, and they’ve pulled us in, and we’ve talked about pain points so what that means for our care team, what that means for our organization.

We’re currently working on a pain point as it relates to time to search. Individuals are trying to learn a lot of things in our organization because we’re big and complex, so how can we make it easier for them to find information when they need it, at their fingertips? We’ve got a couple of projects that are in the works. One is we’ve started to look at learning experience platforms that can help reach into and pull from and curate information for individuals based on role and previous work history. The other is to go as simple as adding some QR codes to equipment so that individuals can scan, find some information or even learn how to document something correctly and be able to watch it simultaneously. In health care it can be very complex to understand, with all the different equipment and different things you have to document, it’s hard to store all of that stuff in your head. So, making it easier for people to access some of that information is a critical pain point that we’re working on right now.

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