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From the Editors

The Week That Was, April 10-14

These were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com this week.

These were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com this week.

  1. Leadership Development Has Failed. But There’s a Better Model
    Shift power from the individual to the team. Shared leadership is a situationally-intelligent process where leadership and followership flow from one to the other.
  2. The Science Behind Telling the Truth
    It’s a fact: People don’t like hearing contradictory or negative information. Chief Learning Officer sat down with New York Times best-selling author Mark Murphy to learn more about the science behind delivering tough messages at work.
  3. Microlearning Should Be Mobile-first
    Most microlearning is completely out of step with what employees expect. If you’re modeling it on classroom learning, think again.
  4. Support Women in Owning Who They Are
    Organizations should encourage women to embrace their authenticity. They must also foster a workplace that celebrates and promotes women because of their authenticity.
  5.  Do We Still Need the LMS?
    The LMS is like a back-office mainframe. It does important things, but we don’t see it often.

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