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Harvard Business School Executive Education Links HR to C-Suite

Chief learning officers and other human resources executives must align with their business. Harvard wants to teach them how.

In a growing reality where how talent is managed is a business priority, Harvard Business School Executive Education is gearing up for a new executive education series to help human resources officers better align their work with the business. Partnering with senior leaders remains an imperative for learning leaders who want to drive organizational performance and in the process, demonstrate learning and development’s value.

The series, The HR-Executive Suite Connection, explores the role HR must play in designing business strategy as well as aligning with senior leaders to address critical business challenges and opportunities, said an HBS Executive Education announcement.

“Business leaders are increasingly asking human resources executives to join the strategic decision-making process, and it is important to be prepared to fill that seat at the senior leadership table,” said HBS Executive Education Senior Fellow Mark Maletz in the statement. Maletz is also a faculty chair for the new program.

The program helps HR executives take a more strategic role in making business decisions and strengthening leadership and teamwork capabilities. The curriculum includes case study analysis, faculty presentations, simulations and small group discussions. Participants will also get to meet with former and current CEOs who will offer insight into issues that arise in executive committee meetings.

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