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The Week That Was, March 27-31

These were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com this week.

Here were the top five stories on our site this week.

    1. Learning and Development in the Remote Workplace: Here are tips to consider about a distance-based collaborative approach.
    2. Three Ways to Motivate Employees to Learn:
      The need to motivate employees and engage people at work is becoming one of the most important things we can do for a company’s success.
    3. INFOGRAPHIC: You Will Need These Leadership Skills in the Future: It’s better to prepare for these capabilities now rather than wish your organization’s leaders had them later.
    4. What’s the CLO’s Role in the Gig Economy?Chief learning officers need to take a more short-term, project-focused approach when it comes to developing and implementing learning initiatives to support contingent workers.
    5. What Do Today’s Workforce Trends Mean for Business, Leadership?Sodexo CEO Sylvia Metayer spoke with Chief Learning Officer about the company’s latest global workforce trends report.


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