Figuring out the Future with Trump? Learn to Look Outward

chalk board with "what's next"Business leaders concerned about the impact of the Trump presidency on various areas of global society are already getting a whiff of what’s at stake, but GLG wants to help. GLG connects company leaders grappling with strategic and operational questions to a network of subject matter experts and other professionals for insight and advice.

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the company’s GLG Applied program launched the campaign “Business in the Era of Trump.” The video series features experts in economics, global affairs and healthcare discussing the administration’s potential impact on issues such as renewable energy, labor, housing, defense and healthcare reform.

“We wanted to give people some perspective, and give people a better understanding of what the issues were and what the arguments were on both sides,” said Richard Socarides, GLG head of public affairs and former White House special assistant and senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton.

Business in the Era of Learning

Richard Socarides

The series includes insights from Elizabeth Canis, former vice president of strategy at UnitedHealth Group, Nicholas Eberstadt, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Peter Fusaro, chairman for Global Change Associates, an energy and environmental consulting firm, and Edward Goldberg, a professor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs among other industry leaders.

Socarides said the new series, accessible at no cost to site visitors, offers an example of the thought leadership the company can access. “Everything on cable TV is very partisan, and that’s not what we wanted to do,” he explained. “We wanted people who were not highly-partisan but understood the complexities of the policies they were discussing. We also wanted people who were known experts.”

In addition to helping business leaders understand the potential impact of the new administration on their work, the series reminds executives that whether they’re in or on the outskirts of change, there is value in outside perspectives. Learning perspectives from peers who have deep subject matter knowledge but no stake in their business’s successes or challenges will only add to the available well of information; it also can uncover blind spots and help leaders decide what is best for their business.

Bravetta Hassell is a Chief Learning Officer associate editor. Comment below, or email editor@CLOmedia.com.

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