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PwC Puts Teeth Behind Unconscious Bias Training Efforts

The company just announced its ‘Blind Spots’ training program, a video-based curriculum developed to help new hires and those in line for promotion recognize unconscious bias.

Stop Bias Sign Painted, Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background.Less than a week into his tenure, PricewaterhouseCoopers Chairman Tim Ryan promised the company’s 46,000 employees that leaders would be ‘doubling down’ on diversity issues, and roughly a year later, he lived up to his word.

PwC announced this week that to be promoted or to join the firm as a new hire — currently more than 17,000 new hires join the firm each year — an individual must complete “blind spots” training, created to help people recognize unconscious bias related to ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

PwC’s new 4REAL (Recognize/Explore/Act/Learn) series is a video training curriculum developed to help people make better decisions, drive more inclusive actions and potentially have a positive impact on its teams, clients and, ultimately, society.

The 4REAL series and related tools are designed to help employees strengthen their ability to have open, authentic dialogue and build more trusting relationships with peers and clients, thus potentially creating more opportunities for themselves and those around them.

Each video in the four-episode series focusing on one common blind spot illustrated through fictitious characters and scenarios with what the company described as an exaggerated comedic touch to learn how blind spots can impact thinking and lead to undesirable outcomes.

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