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Learning in Practice Awards 2016

Recognizes vendors that have created superior customized and/or off-the-shelf learning content.


Invati Consulting  co_1116_lip_gold

As the newest generation enters the workforce, the workplace is becoming increasingly exclusive. Generation Y doesn’t always understand Generation X, who can’t begin to comprehend baby boomers, let alone the Silent Generation.


Crystal Kadakia

University of the Pacific decided to combat this issue to minimize the multigenerational divide in the workplace. The company wasn’t looking to simply train its employees or give them material to read. Leaders wanted to start a cultural change.

It’s difficult to break a habit. It’s even more difficult to change a person’s attitude. But University of the Pacific wanted to provide its staff with a foundation to grow on, so it partnered with Invati Consulting, which prides itself on being “Inspired by Millennials, built for generations to come.” After two years of analyses, defining clear objectives and fine-tuning implementation, Invati created a unique, customizable program geared to create cultural change.

By providing in-person and virtual learning in an eight-week program called Generation University, Invati was able to meet multiple generations’ needs, and make employees more capable and inclusive, informed participants about their coworkers’ diverse needs. The program used discussion boards, self-reflection and offered opportunities for new skills application using case studies.

Just eight weeks after implementing Generation University, 100 percent of participants said their workplace relationships, engagement and productivity had all improved.

—Alice Keefe


Partners in Leadershipco_1116_lip_silver

Today’s rapidly changing health care environment has created greater competition in the industry. El Rio Community Health Center knows that to stay competitive and continue to be the preferred option for health care in the Tucson, Arizona, area, it had to focus on patient care, and strengthening its culture needed to be a priority.

Partners In Leadership worked with El Rio to make that happen. Through PIL’s Culture of Accountability and Cultural Transition Process, El Rio was able to articulate its beliefs and develop a mission to guide employees’ efforts to relay them. Patient surveys and financial data identified areas in which employees could make patients’ experience better. Through workshops, meetings and observation sessions, PIL helped strengthen the culture at El Rio. Further, changes have been made to improve patient care, such as having 24/7 health care access and constant communication.

PIL gave El Rio tools to help the organization remain a preferred choice for health care in its region.

—Alice Keefe



When Republic Services, the second largest non-hazardous solid waste management company in the country, realized its leadership was increasingly inconsistent, it turned to Entelechy Inc. to promote employee loyalty and engagement. Using a customized program that included workshops and activities, Republic was able to increase employee retention, morale and productivity.

—Alice Keefe



INSEAD, a graduate business school with campuses in Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, offered strategy in business and education as well as expertise in communication and finance for Accenture Strategy’s virtual learning platform. The resulting Accenture-INSEAD program fostered collaboration and improved participants’ strategic skills.

—Alice Keefe