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Excellence in Executive Education

Learning in Practice Awards 2016

Recognizes executive education providers that have delivered a targeted executive education program for a client that has delivered measurable results.

The Regis Co. co_1116_lip_gold

Three years ago, Ernst & Young LLP had an ambitious idea — to increase growth in all service lines. This strategy, known as Vision 2020, focused on winning the market by providing top-notch customer service, creating high-performing teams by hiring the best people, and supporting member firms’ success. EY’s vision was around “building a better working world.”


Sowmya Sudhindranath

For this vision to become a reality, EY needed to change its onboarding process. The company’s system at the time was ineffective because it wasn’t implemented consistently, it lacked universal relevance, and it failed to highlight successful areas in the company’s advisory services.

EY partnered with The Regis Co., a talent development consulting firm from Colorado for help creating a three-day classroom experience for new leaders to role-play real-life situations and connect with seasoned leadership. Regis also created an immersive simulation for EY onboarding that reflected the company’s business practices and engagement life cycle.

The simulation adjusts situations based on engagement conditions, and user response allows each participant to have a unique experience. Using technology and original thinking, Regis created an effective way to prepare and connect with budding EY professionals. The new course received a rating of 4.67 out of 5, and participants called it a “valuable tool for learning.”

Since implementation of EY’s new onboarding process and simulation activities, the company’s retention rate has increased from 89 to 99 percent.

—Alice Keefe


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