CLO Spring Symposium Keynote Speaker Highlight: Steven Kotler

One of the most exciting aspects of our Chief Learning Officer Symposium is the list of speakers. Each season, we’re thrilled to offer high-caliber keynotes with amazing stories, and this Symposium is no exception.

This year’s opening keynote is best-selling author and award-winning journalist Steven Kotler.

Kotler’s New York Times bestseller “The Rise of the Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance,” hit bookshelves March of 2014. He’ll be joining the CLO Symposium to talk about the subject of that book: “flow state,” described as “an optimal state of consciousness where we both feel our best and perform our best.”

Kotler will be presenting current research on the topic, as well as talking about how we can tap into that flow state to get more out of our personal and professional lives.

Kotler’s expertise carries through with the release of his brand new book this past week, “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World.” Co-authored with Peter H. Diamandis, “Bold” explores the ways technology, psychology, and society can be used to create massive entrepreneurial changes that can positively impact the world while generating immense wealth in the process.

Steven Kotler will bring his know-how and knowledge, gleaned from years of research on new tech, the psychology of entrepreneurs, and more to his opening talk at the 2015 Spring CLO Symposium.

For more information on Kotler, and the rest of our fantastic keynote line-up, visit the CLO Spring Symposium website.

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Kaitlin Williams


Event Marketing Coordinator