Trending Themes at the Spring 2015 CLO Symposium

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

As L&D leaders, we’ve dedicated our lives to business education—both the act of teaching and the act of learning. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we wanted to post a relevant quote from Dr. King himself on a goal that we all share.

In the last several posts on this blog, we’ve covered myriad reasons why you should attend to our Spring Symposium.  However, today we make the shift from the benefits to the beef. i.e. the theme, the content, the true gumption of this conference.

Today, we’ll be reviewing some of the popular themes that are popping up in the corporate Learning & Development environment and how CLOs and speakers will be tackling—and discussing– those themes at our event.

Each season, we choose an overarching Symposium theme, with the intent of tying together all of the sessions. Ultimately, each symposium is dedicated to fostering our flourishing CLO community and giving benefits and actionable strategies to our attending learning leaders.

The Spring 2015 CLO Symposium theme is Learning Intensity: Enterprise Education That Lasts. We’ll be focusing on innovative new learning methods, changing technologies, and true stories of practitioners’ successes.

Here are a few of the hot topics you can expect to see popping up in our agenda this spring:

•  Emotional Intelligence—Is empathy really a necessary skill in the world of enterprise learning or is it being over-hyped?

•  Applying Data for Real Results –Once you have all of that great assessment data, how do you actually make it work for you? What can you learn from it, and how can it positively influence your learning strategies?

•  Learning Strategies with Lasting Results—This season’s Power Hour Plus sessions will feature exciting and effective case studies presented by the L&D professionals that implemented them.

•  Assessments –Which assessments make the most impact? Which assessments are over/under rated?

Is your interest peaked yet? Our goal, much like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, is to get everyone thinking intensively and critically each season.

Speaking of critical, if saving money is one of your priorities this year, it’s critical that you take advantage of our Early Bird registration special, which ends this Friday, January 23!

Visit our main Spring Symposium website to save $300 on your registration now! The clock is tickin’!

Let us know in the comments which hot topics are most interesting to you—we always take your feedback into account as we plan our agendas.


Talk soon,

Kaitlin Williams
Event Marketing Coordinator