2013 Trailblazer – Division 2

GOLD: Jenifer Johnson, Acting Manager, Organizational Development, Cleveland Airport System

The Cleveland Airport System faced a high level of turnover as well as policy changes, leading to a disengaged workforce. Without a platform for learning and employee development — along with challenges such as an aging workforce, staff reductions, budget cuts and a large percentage of employees unable to read, write or speak English — the organization needed a change.

Jenifer Johnson, the organization’s chief training officer and acting manager of organizational development, launched the Cleveland Airport System University. The concept came to light after she conducted a detailed needs analysis, meeting with all of the airport system’s sections. The corporate university was designed to integrate various levels of employee learning under one comprehensive program.

The Internet-based program is available to all employees. Employees can search and register for learning opportunities and create yearly individual development plans to track personal and professional growth. The program also tracks individual employee performance within the context of organizational performance as a whole. Employees can prepare annual work plans and performance appraisals and receive skills assessments.

To date, the new training program has yielded a minimum of a 30 percent increase in test scores from pre- to post-testing, and all of the airport system’s employees have received at least one learning opportunity through a personalized learning plan.

SILVER: Diane Simmons, Vice President, Healthcare Financial Management Association
As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, current health care delivery and payment models are evolving from a fee-for-service model to a more preventive one. Because of the new payment model, the Healthcare Financial Management Association saw a need for hospital leaders to educate staff in a short amount of time.

Under the leadership of Marie Bass, vice president of education and certification, the association developed an online training program called e2 Learning, encompassing more than 175 hours of training available at any time. The foundation of the model, the competency map, was developed to address the skills, knowledge and abilities employees need to succeed in the new health care delivery model. Through a number of certification programs, users can access online study guides, randomized questions and learner feedback responses.

More than 3,000 individuals have earned online certification credentials since January 2012 under e2 Learning. The new standardized competency model also helps ensure a consistent training approach, creating a sustainable development model for years to come.