L.A. Kings Teams With Bunchball to Increase Fan Engagement

San Jose, Calif. — Oct. 21

Bunchball, a market gamification firm, is teaming up with the Los Angeles Kings to launch a gamified fan appreciation program, where fans can come together to interact and express their dedication to the team. The program, which uses game mechanics like challenges, achievements and rewards to increase user engagement and loyalty, is the first of its kind in the sports world, according to Bunchball.

Kings fans have the chance to earn virtual badges, trophies and achievements based on site participation.

Rewards are earned through online interactions such as watching videos, passing out special offers and discussing the Kings through their social media networks.

Fans will also compete for a position on league tables to be named the Kings’ “biggest fan.”

In addition to the virtual rewards, fan activity will be rewarded with real-world payoffs, like VIP behind-the-scenes experiences, interaction with players, signed merchandise and tickets.

The Nitro platform is an end-to-end gamification product, enabling the Kings to quickly develop and deploy a virtual platform for fan self-expression and interaction. “The United Kings Family – U.K.F” will give the Kings’ most ardent fans a sense of being part of the team.

Source: Bunchball

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