Brooks - PRI Automation Saves with Learning Objects

Brooks-PRI Automation Inc., which delivers total automation for semiconductor manufacturing, has long understood that the traditional approach to training employees isn’t nearly enough to maintain a strategic competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Since April 2001, Brooks-PRI has been using…

Evaluating E-Learning Solutions

The power of e-Learning has brought about a new context for learning in the training industry. The exciting universe of e-Learning balances the traditional classroom approach (ILT) and the constantly evolving technology-based learning (TBT). This balance

The Dixie Group: Building People, Building Business

The motto of The Dixie Group Inc., an Atlanta-based floor-covering company, is "Building People as We Build Our Business." But when you have more than 3,000 employees in Georgia, Alabama and California, living up to such a motto is a challenging task. The

Learning Solutions - Learning Objects: Behind the Buzz

At conferences and in planning meetings, people concerned with education, training and performance improvement are talking about learning objects. What are they? What do learning objects promise your organization? And are they delivering on their promises

E-Learning Myths and Realities for the IT Professional

The potential impact of e-learning on today's companies is seemingly enormous. By providing personalization of courses, anytime/anywhere learning, more effective training and an increase in productivity, e-learning appears positioned to provide training

Real Results from Learning Technologies

It's certainly not news that ongoing employee education is crucial to businesses surviving and thriving in competitive and uncertain markets. The delivery of that education, of course, is just as crucial, as different workers respond differently to different modalities. Technology,…

Linking Education and Sales Success

Given that you are where you are in your career, you certainly don't need to be told that your company's sales force holds the keys to advancement of your enterprise. This is a lesson learned long ago at corporations globally.…

Increasing Sales Force Productivity

Maintaining a strong sales force during difficult times is where training and development organizations struggle to maintain ground, as training budgets often become the focus of cost-cutting initiatives. The right type of salesperson can be a point of di

Enterprise Learning: The New 'Killer App'

The increasing presence on executive staffs of a chief leaning officer or someone with a similar title represents the emerging recognition that an organization's talent is a strategic asset- an essential element in achieving organizational goals.

The State of e-Learning

Falling stock prices, failed LMS implementations, poor course completion rates, slashed corporate budgets. In the face of all that, will e-learning be remembered as nothing more than a late salvo in the dot-bomb campaign?

Enterprise Learning: A Spending Summary

The enterprise-learning market is 37 percent larger than the U.S. motion picture industry, and more than twice as large as the burgeoning video-game industry. Even in the midst of the most recent economic recession, enterprise spending on learning grew 1.

Stephen E. Scholl: Ensuring Allstate's Education

When Stephen E. Scholl graduated from Albright College in 1979, he was armed with a sociology degree and a healthy respect for education. And while he didn�t start out to be a teacher, a provider of educational opportunities is just what he became nonet

Century 21: Bringing Learning Home

Managing training at a large corporation like Century 21 is no small challenge. With about 88,000 agents and 4,400 brokers dispersed across 30 countries, the paperwork alone stacks up like a mortgage application. But a mission is a mission, and at Century