Talent Management

The Other 80 Percent: Increasing Workforce Productivity

If you’re getting increasingly curious about how to increase employee productivity these days, when most people are asking only about how to cut costs, that’s a good sign. Research has shown that a simple 1 percent increase in productivity typically produ

The Other 80 Percent: Increasing Workforce Productivity

This event was previously held live on June 10, 2003 .  The recording of this event is 1:12:59 hour mins/secs long and 7486 kb in size. To view this event in archived format, please check this link!June 10th, 2003 Time: 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern Workforce…

Case Studies in the ROI of Training

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for training programs can be one of the most difficult, yet necessary, responsibilities of the chief learning officer. Senior management wants to know that its investment in training is contributing to the succes

Training/Learning: What Fits Your Company?

Imagine being at the helm of a good-sized sailing yacht. The calm has given way to strong wind gusts, fog and stormy seas. You must rely on the skills of the crew, limited resources, navigation equipment and common sense to safely guide you and your crew

Development as a Retention Tool

In today’s volatile economy, corporations are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance shareholder value and improve bottom-line results. While there have been a variety of strategies implemented to achieve these goals, successful organizations

Assessing Learning Management Systems

Although e-learning got off to a shaky start in the late 1990s, industry analysts are now bullish about the enabling technologies, notably enterprise learning management systems (LMSs), both in terms of growing adoption rates and quick return on investmen

Fred Harburg--Connecting Motorola with Learning

If you have the chance to read Fred Harburg�s resume, you�ll find a rather impressive listing of positions. Prior to becoming chief learning officer and president of Motorola University, Harburg�s past boasts organizations like IBM, Saturn, Disney,

Learning as a Marketing Tool

Welcome to Chief Learning Officer magazine. I returned from my sabbatical just in time to read the first issue. The magazine has certainly carved out a stimulating dialogue between CLOs and key vendors. What’s needed now is to include heads…

Enterprise Learning: The New 'Killer App'

The increasing presence on executive staffs of a chief leaning officer or someone with a similar title represents the emerging recognition that an organization's talent is a strategic asset- an essential element in achieving organizational goals.