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Chief Learning Officer magazine's LearningElite program honors the best organizations for learning and development. This robust, peer-reviewed ranking and benchmarking program recognizes those organizations that employ exemplary workforce development strategies that deliver significant business results. Developed under the guidance of a group of chief learning officers and senior learning and development practitioners, the LearningElite program utilizes best practices in evaluation to rank the best organizations based upon their impact, size and industries served. A comprehensive evaluation of learning and development, the LearningElite also recognizes individual companies for their efforts in functional areas, including leadership development, use of technology, executive buy-in, and content development and delivery, among others.

The aim of the LearningElite is to:

  • Identify and recognize industry leaders.
  • Promote recognition of the critical role that learning and development plays in organizational success.
  • Support organizations in achieving best-in-class levels of performance.
  • Identify and share best practices, principles and strategies for learning and development.
  • Provide powerful benchmarking data for world-class learning and development.

The LearningElite program will afford any size organization an opportunity to highlight and be recognized for outstanding outcomes in the field of learning and development.

The 2014 LearningElite program is closed. Applications for the 2015 LearningElite will open Aug. 15, 2014.

LearningElite FAQs

To learn more about the LearningElite program and the benefits of participating, please review our frequently asked questions.

2013 LearningElite Best Practices and Benchmarking Report Available

Order the 2013 LearningElite Best Practices and Benchmarking Report today! This annual report contains the background of the LearningElite program, the selection process and a synthesis of the elite practices contained within five dimensions: learning strategy, leadership commitment, learning execution, learning impact and business performance results. This report also makes note of common practices across the LearningElite organizations and specifically cites some of the noteworthy, unique practices in each dimension.

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Free White Paper

Discover more details about the LearningElite program by downloading this updated white paper, “LearningElite 2014: The High-Performance Learning Organization.