Grant Thornton: Collaboration Is the Key

Working together is at the heart of collaboration, whether "together" means in the same office or just on the same planet (for now). When your company works with others for a living, as does the accounting, auditing and tax service firm Grant Thornton, co

Fred Harburg--Connecting Motorola with Learning

If you have the chance to read Fred Harburg�s resume, you�ll find a rather impressive listing of positions. Prior to becoming chief learning officer and president of Motorola University, Harburg�s past boasts organizations like IBM, Saturn, Disney,

Collaborative Tools for e-Learning

When my colleague Padma Medury and I conducted a survey on collaborative technologies and groupware in 1990, little did we know the degree to which Web-based tools would reshape and elevate this field. We discovered conferencing and collaboration tools fo

3Dlabs: Accelerating Market Education

3Dlabs Inc., a leading supplier of graphics accelerator solutions to a broad range of professionals including the computer-aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC) and visual simulation markets, was looking to outfit key business groups such as

Amplifon: Boosting Sales Force Training

Amplifon Group, a large, multinational company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of medical devices with a primary focus on hearing aids, employs approximately 2,750 people worldwide and continues to expand. Amplifon’s assembly operations and

Training: Expense or Investment

In his Chief Learning Officer column (Selling Up, Selling Down, September 2002), Bob Mosher, director of education for Element K, challenged us to think not only of investment but of return on investment. While we applaud his optimism, most organizations…

Education Plus: Online Education Models

Read any article on the current state of academics, and you’ll find stories about how online learning is revolutionizing the practice of higher education, whether for better or for worse. On the one hand, students and institutions tout the convenience of

Starting Out Right

I just finished reading the September issue of your new magazine, and it is absolutely outstanding. The e-learning industry definitely needed a publication focused on providing chief learning officers with highly targeted and insightful articles concerning e-learning. I also enjoyed…

Evaluating E-Learning Solutions

The power of e-Learning has brought about a new context for learning in the training industry. The exciting universe of e-Learning balances the traditional classroom approach (ILT) and the constantly evolving technology-based learning (TBT). This balance

Brooks - PRI Automation Saves with Learning Objects

Brooks-PRI Automation Inc., which delivers total automation for semiconductor manufacturing, has long understood that the traditional approach to training employees isn’t nearly enough to maintain a strategic competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Since April 2001, Brooks-PRI has been using…

The Dixie Group: Building People, Building Business

The motto of The Dixie Group Inc., an Atlanta-based floor-covering company, is "Building People as We Build Our Business." But when you have more than 3,000 employees in Georgia, Alabama and California, living up to such a motto is a challenging task. The

Learning Solutions - Learning Objects: Behind the Buzz

At conferences and in planning meetings, people concerned with education, training and performance improvement are talking about learning objects. What are they? What do learning objects promise your organization? And are they delivering on their promises

E-Learning Myths and Realities for the IT Professional

The potential impact of e-learning on today's companies is seemingly enormous. By providing personalization of courses, anytime/anywhere learning, more effective training and an increase in productivity, e-learning appears positioned to provide training

Real Results from Learning Technologies

It's certainly not news that ongoing employee education is crucial to businesses surviving and thriving in competitive and uncertain markets. The delivery of that education, of course, is just as crucial, as different workers respond differently to different modalities. Technology,…

Linking Education and Sales Success

Given that you are where you are in your career, you certainly don't need to be told that your company's sales force holds the keys to advancement of your enterprise. This is a lesson learned long ago at corporations globally.…

Increasing Sales Force Productivity

Maintaining a strong sales force during difficult times is where training and development organizations struggle to maintain ground, as training budgets often become the focus of cost-cutting initiatives. The right type of salesperson can be a point of di