The Evolution of Training and Certification

IT training and certification will never be the same. New innovations in enterprise technology can measure performance skills and provide remediation in real time, on the job, in the context of an information worker’s workflow. The impact on training and

The Strategic Impact of Corporate Learning

In researching this article I asked a number of chief learning officers to react to the assertion, “Learning is a strategic advantage.” Their reactions were consistent; there was a rolling of eyes, mild amusement, but in the end grudging agreement that th

The Future of E-Learning

Congratulations on the launch of a great new publication. I’ve just finished reading your second issue and look forward to the next. The articles that you’ve published are focused on some of the most important issues facing the learning community…

Case Studies in the ROI of Training

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for training programs can be one of the most difficult, yet necessary, responsibilities of the chief learning officer. Senior management wants to know that its investment in training is contributing to the succes

Live Learning on the Web

In today’s business environment, where learning and knowledge transfer are essential to the success of every organization, chief learning officers must find ways to accelerate skills development and information flow. Combine this with the need to maximize

Evaluating E-Learning: A Lesson From Pharmaceuticals

“You should be shot,” declared Bob. My presentation was on how to sell e-learning to upper management, and the real-world case study I presented emphasized some dramatic, multimillion dollar cost savings. “E-learning should not be about cost savings,” Bob

Kendle International: A World Classroom

Kendle International Inc., a provider of clinical research and development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, employs nearly 1,600 associates worldwide. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kendle has conducted trials and provided

Toward a Smarter Organization

Internet learning, or e-learning, will remain a key means for achieving productivity gains in organizations. A simplistic view, however, is not only misleading but also costly. A comprehensive approach to learning with an emphasis on productivity should i

Training and HIPAA: Are You in Compliance?

Emerging Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance regulations require companies to train employees and certify that they comprehend the appropriate laws and are skillful in their own actions under such policy guidelines. A st

Selling E-Learning to Non-Technical Learners

Getting an e-learning initiative up and running is not devoid of challenges. One thing most learning executives will need to take into consideration is the readiness and willingness of their workforce to make the switch.

Measures of Learning Effectiveness

There is no question about it. Training and development is gaining attention in Corporate America. The industry is growing and changing to achieve a variety of goals, from satisfying immediate employment skill shortages to meeting organizations’ long-term

Here to Stay

I think corporate universities are as current now as ever. The rate of change (in business) is faster than most educational systems are designed to manage. As we move forward, we will use all types of instruction models to bring…

Ted Hoff: Leading IBM's Education Solutions

IBM is no stranger to the concept of corporate education. In fact, providing workforce development opportunities is part of the technology giant's corporate heritage, a time-tested effort to ensure market leadership through top-notch associates trained an

OSRAM Sylvania: A Winning Management Training Program

Now the second largest lighting company in the United States, OSRAM SYLVANIA has proved throughout its 102 years in business that it can invent itself repeatedly using technology and redirecting leadership development to attract and retain the most demand

Deloitte Consulting: Educating a Global Team

As executives with a strong interest in the delivery of learning, you don't have to be told that education is big business. Whether your business is manufacturing or marketing, there are undeniable advantages to leading a well-trained team.

How to Overcome Organizational Indifference

We hear the phrases every day: “That’s not my job.” “I can’t help you; talk to my boss.” “That’s just how we do things around here.” “Someone else was supposed to do that.” Such are the warning signs of organizational indifference.