Talent Management

Grooming the Next CLO

Chief learning officers often play a significant role in the succession planning activities for an organization. However, some evidence suggests that CLOs are not succeeding in developing their own staff to take on top-level learning executive positions w

Deutsche Bank: Building Global Learning

Deutsche Bank, a global firm with almost 70,000 employees, offers financial services in 74 countries, competing to be a leading global provider of financial solutions. The firm offers services in corporate banking and securities, transaction banking, asse

Why Does Learning Matter?

Today, executive management understands that organizational learning enables organizational performance. It enables agility, change and growth. Because it is the centerpiece of the strategy to recruit, retain and leverage the most talented people, learnin

The CLO’s Path

Executives who make investment decisions around learning, whether they’re called “chief learning officer,” “vice president of learning and development” or some other title, come from diverse backgrounds. Many learning executives work their way up through

Why Is Outsourcing So Popular in the Enterprise?

Outsourcing can have significant economic value to the enterprise. Many strategic business drivers encourage learning organizations to outsource specific functions. A recent survey from Bersin & Associates looks at several of these business dr

E-Learning Lessons: Compliance and IT Innovation

As the IT market gets more comfortable with the idea of recovery, speculations abound regarding "the next big thing" and which market segments stand to gain the most when IT spending returns to a more fluid pace. While some markets waned or simply disa

The Strategic Benefits of Learning Outsourcing

Outsourcing key business functions is a common strategy for information technology and human resources departments. Having other companies do the administrative work or host the technology allows these departments to free up their resources to devote more

Steelcase University: Sticking to a Value Proposition

The year was 2000. Steelcase Inc., a global office furniture industry leader, gave a tactical nod to its “knowledge company” commitment with the opening of Steelcase University (SCU), a facility that redefines the traditional “bricks and mortar” learning

Letters to the Editor

Harnessing Enabled Learning I’d like to thank Bob Mosher for sharing his insight into the importance of effective instructional design for e-learning in his recent Chief Learning Officer magazine column, “Should the ‘E’ Stand for Enabled?” (May 2005). By the…

Upgrading Performance and Targeting Learning

Business as usual no longer applies. The routine is now the exception to the norm, and the familiar has become almost exotic. In short, the workplace is in a constant state of flux and stretch. What is perhaps startling is that it is nevertheless succeedi

Performance-Based Succession Planning

Developing direct reports is the responsibility of each and every supervisor. Succession planning provides a direct and easy-to-follow model for strategic talent management. Viewing employee development from the organizational perspective of succession pl

Outsourcing Learning: Choosing the Model for Success

With increasing pressures to provide more return on investment for their training initiatives, many organizations are taking a more strategic view of vendor relationships and outsourcing. Synonymous primarily with software services and back-office process

Talent Management: Valuing Human Capital

It is the job of the learning organization to mold individuals to maximize their potential, to help employees find their true talents and leverage them on the job, and to arm the workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in an exception

Engaging the Body

In the world of training and development, there is a lack of focus on the body in the performance equation. Once it’s acknowledged that energy is every company’s most important resource, suddenly the body becomes business-relevant, as all energy driving b

Verizon: Calling on Learning Success

Verizon is the largest provider of wire-line and wireless communications in the United States, with 139 million access lines and 36 million wireless customers. The company has more than 167,000 employees with over 80,000 in critical field-service position