Talent Management

Verizon: Calling on Learning Success

Verizon is the largest provider of wire-line and wireless communications in the United States, with 139 million access lines and 36 million wireless customers. The company has more than 167,000 employees with over 80,000 in critical field-service position

Risk-Mitigation Strategies to Increase Learning ROI

One sign of the increasing impact and scope of corporate learning today is that CLOs are starting to focus on risk-mitigation strategies. Budgets are being scrutinized, and learning executives are being asked to show a clear return on investment. With inc

Learning Investments: More for Less

In the dot-com days, many companies were willing to invest more to get more. Companies would invest in changing a process to improve customer satisfaction, even if it took more labor hours. They would purchase more capable technology, even if it cost more

HR Outsourcing: The Impact on Corporate Learning

Corporate learning has always been the poor relation of all the management disciplines. Some corporations simply don’t believe in it, preferring to buy knowledge and skills when needed. Others have a large training department for internal courses and a si

The Next Position for CLOs: Corporate Board Member

The scandals of the past years have had an interesting impact on the demographics of new board members. They are beginning to come from ranks of human resource professionals. According to a study by the National Association of Corporate Directors, succe

Building the Case for Education Investment

CLOs know that learning is imperative to success with enterprise software rollouts, but how do you justify your case to the other leaders of your organization? With PeopleSoft’s help, learning executives can not only build the case to justify investments

Fidelity Investments to Acquire TEDS

As the outsourcing of human resources functions continues to grow, the outsourcing of specific learning functions grows with it. New evidence of this growth is Fidelity Investments’ announcement that it intends to acquire TEDS, a software development and consulting company…

Making Sense of Human Capital Economics

For years HR professionals have struggled to bring economic rigor to measurement and decisions about people development and management. One familiar measure has been return on investment (ROI), for example, ROI of training. But like many such metrics, ROI

Docent and Click2learn to Merge

Click2learn and Docent Inc., both leaders in the business performance and learning market, announced last week that they will merge into one company that will be a clear industry leader with a complete solution suite, more than 600 customers and…

Outsourcing Enterprise Learning

The business process outsourcing (BPO) market has been a reality for decades. Many of the core functions of a corporation, such as information technology, retirement and payroll processing, have been outsourced. Now, the issue on the minds of chief learni

Tamar Elkeles: Technology and Training at QUALCOMM

To the uninitiated or unfamiliar, life at QUALCOMM might be predicted as boring. A high-tech communications company populated by engineers working with chips and circuits and wireless equipment may be cutting-edge, but all that raises a stereotypic image

E-Learning in the Government Market

Public- and private-sector organizations have much to learn from each other when it comes to learning management strategies. While public-sector organizations have embraced automation of training and competencies much faster than private-sector companies,

American Standard: Tracking the Bottom-Line Impact

American Standard may be best known for its white porcelain toilets, but the Piscataway, N.J.-based corporation encompasses far more. In fact, plumbing products account for barely a quarter of the annual revenues of American Standard Cos., an organization

CompuCom: Investing in Certified Solutions

Certification programs exist in many disciplines, from car mechanics to airline pilots, from accountants to nurses. But in few industries is certification so heavily relied upon as it is for Information Technology (IT) professionals. For these technologic