Performance Management

Chief Learning Officer, First Citizens Bank

This position directly manages the delivery of learning solutions for the organization. To accomplish this, the incumbent continually assesses the need for learning solutions as dictated by corporate goals and initiatives and ensures proactive delivery of

Capturing Learning Opportunities

Businesspeople often ask us what it takes to survive and profit in competitive and volatile market conditions. The common solution is to offer improved products and services. This is partially true. However, improvements are only the expected results, not

Fujitsu Siemens Computers: Processing Learning Success

Fujitsu Siemens Computers was formed in 1999 through a joint venture of Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG. It is Europe’s leading computer company, offering a range of computer technology and IT infrastructure solutions. But with thousands of employees speak

Norwich Union: Cutting Contracting Costs

Norwich Union is part of Aviva, the world’s seventh largest insurer and the biggest in the United Kingdom. Formed by the merger of several large insurance companies in the late ’90s, Aviva has premium income and investment sales of more than $50 billion a

The Evolution of the CLO

Today’s successful organizations must focus on aligning learning and employee development with strategic initiatives. To achieve this goal, learning activities must be integrated into the business processes that drive organizational performance.

Talent Management: Valuing Human Capital

It is the job of the learning organization to mold individuals to maximize their potential, to help employees find their true talents and leverage them on the job, and to arm the workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in an exception

Chief Learning Officer for What?

In charting a new course for the chief learning officer, many complex issues should be addressed and indeed the position should be the most productivity-critical one within an organization. The following areas include some that are often neglected and oth

Why Training Spending Levels Don't Matter Anymore

Training expenditure is a metric still used by many human resources and training professionals, as well as some market evaluators, to measure the value that enterprises place on education and training. However, it is known that training expenditure per person…

Aligning Learning With Strategy

CLOs are pressured to justify their investments in learning. A CLO always has to answer the CEO’s questions: Why should we invest in this learning program, and how will it help us execute our strategy? And how can we measure the return on this investment?

Working Partners: The CLO and the Executive Team

A great complaint often heard at meetings of chief learning officers is the lack of involvement by senior executives in support of employee training programs, which leads directly to inadequate resources. How can this situation be reversed?

BC Hydro: The Power of Learning

BC Hydro, one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, serves more than 1.6 million customers with electricity generated at over 30 hydroelectric and thermal power plants. As an electric utility, the company is required to comply with government-manda

Caterpillar: Building Best Practices in E-Learning

Caterpillar Inc. is a Fortune 100 company with 67,000 employees working in nearly 250 facilities around the globe. A technology leader and the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial

Fidelity Investments to Acquire TEDS

As the outsourcing of human resources functions continues to grow, the outsourcing of specific learning functions grows with it. New evidence of this growth is Fidelity Investments’ announcement that it intends to acquire TEDS, a software development and consulting company…

Docent and Click2learn to Merge

Click2learn and Docent Inc., both leaders in the business performance and learning market, announced last week that they will merge into one company that will be a clear industry leader with a complete solution suite, more than 600 customers and…

Managing Education to Maximize Impact

Many years of evaluating many training initiatives in many different companies has made one fact very clear: Sometimes training works very well to help achieve business results, and sometimes (unfortunately many times) it does not. It is also becoming cle