IBM: Learning Through Simulations

With 3,288 patents in 2002 alone—a total greater than the 12 largest IT companies combined—it’s no surprise that IBM Corp. delivers innovative learning solutions backed up by scientific research. Nancy Lewis, director of IBM Management Development and Cen

SCORM(tm): The E-Learning Standard

The importance of standards to the continued growth, expansion, and evolution of e-learning cannot be overemphasized. Standards foster efficiencies and synergies that enable markets to grow and the promise of e-learning to be realized.

Live Learning on the Web

In today’s business environment, where learning and knowledge transfer are essential to the success of every organization, chief learning officers must find ways to accelerate skills development and information flow. Combine this with the need to maximize

The Future of E-Learning

Congratulations on the launch of a great new publication. I’ve just finished reading your second issue and look forward to the next. The articles that you’ve published are focused on some of the most important issues facing the learning community…

Toward a Smarter Organization

Internet learning, or e-learning, will remain a key means for achieving productivity gains in organizations. A simplistic view, however, is not only misleading but also costly. A comprehensive approach to learning with an emphasis on productivity should i