e-Learning CrOp Circles

Does your organization have an e-learning CrOp Circle? No, I haven’t seen the new Hollywood movie “Signs.” I’m not talking about alien-created patterns in fields of wheat. What I mean is a circle of professional e-learning developers who are dedicated to

Evaluating E-Learning Solutions

The power of e-Learning has brought about a new context for learning in the training industry. The exciting universe of e-Learning balances the traditional classroom approach (ILT) and the constantly evolving technology-based learning (TBT). This balance

Brooks - PRI Automation Saves with Learning Objects

Brooks-PRI Automation Inc., which delivers total automation for semiconductor manufacturing, has long understood that the traditional approach to training employees isn’t nearly enough to maintain a strategic competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Since April 2001, Brooks-PRI has been using…

Real Results from Learning Technologies

It's certainly not news that ongoing employee education is crucial to businesses surviving and thriving in competitive and uncertain markets. The delivery of that education, of course, is just as crucial, as different workers respond differently to different modalities. Technology,…

Linking Education and Sales Success

Given that you are where you are in your career, you certainly don't need to be told that your company's sales force holds the keys to advancement of your enterprise. This is a lesson learned long ago at corporations globally.…

Increasing Sales Force Productivity

Maintaining a strong sales force during difficult times is where training and development organizations struggle to maintain ground, as training budgets often become the focus of cost-cutting initiatives. The right type of salesperson can be a point of di