Business & Training: On the Same Page

Have you ever been in a meeting between two competing departments or groups? One of the more interesting dynamics during these interactions is how each side will often misinterpret the other. Having met with both sides following these meetings, I am often

Using Adult Learning Theory

Have you ever wondered why some training products are more effective than others? Training your end-users how to use a new application should be pretty straightforward, right? We’ve thought a lot about this question. The conclusion we came to shouldn’t

IBM: Learning Through Simulations

With 3,288 patents in 2002 alone—a total greater than the 12 largest IT companies combined—it’s no surprise that IBM Corp. delivers innovative learning solutions backed up by scientific research. Nancy Lewis, director of IBM Management Development and Cen

Bridging the Apathy Gap

It’s probably safe to say that you are already a true believer. You believe that learning, knowledge management and investing in human capital leads to competitive advantage in this rapidly changing information economy, right? And your peers and colleague

SCORM(tm): The E-Learning Standard

The importance of standards to the continued growth, expansion, and evolution of e-learning cannot be overemphasized. Standards foster efficiencies and synergies that enable markets to grow and the promise of e-learning to be realized.