Here to Stay

I think corporate universities are as current now as ever. The rate of change (in business) is faster than most educational systems are designed to manage. As we move forward, we will use all types of instruction models to bring…

How to Overcome Organizational Indifference

We hear the phrases every day: “That’s not my job.” “I can’t help you; talk to my boss.” “That’s just how we do things around here.” “Someone else was supposed to do that.” Such are the warning signs of organizational indifference.

Chief Learning Officers for Universities

Why would a university of all places need a chief learning officer? Isn’t that like bringing coals to New Castle? Or disciples to MIT? Are not all or most professors CLOs? But looking more closely, and especially from the inside, there are at least three

Measures of Learning Effectiveness

There is no question about it. Training and development is gaining attention in Corporate America. The industry is growing and changing to achieve a variety of goals, from satisfying immediate employment skill shortages to meeting organizations’ long-term

The CLO Pathway

I am enrolled in a new master’s program at Northwestern University. Upon completion, I will receive my degree in learning and organizational change. What type of knowledge, skills and ability are corporations and organizations looking for when hiring chief learning…

What Is Rapid E-Learning?

At a recent conference, while I stood at my exhibition booth, I overheard a conversation between my marketing person and a mid-level training manager. The conversation was about “rapid e-learning,” or what others might call “just-in-time training.” Rapid e-learning is…