Increasing Value Through High-Stakes Testing

Popular debate surrounding “high-stakes testing” often points in the direction of the federal government’s handling of K-12 education policy, but there exists an equally consequential argument involving standardized tests as they influence career paths an

Guidelines for Effective E-Learning

As the economy picks up, two things will happen. First, companies will have more money to spend on training. While a critical mass of courses is important, those e-learning companies that have high quality will get the majority of the business. The others

Pep Boys: Tuning Up the Workforce

Pep Boys is the country’s largest chain of automotive aftermarket products and services with 594 stores and 6,000 service bays throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Through its 20,000 employees, the company generates more than $2 billion in revenu

Conference Centers: Training Off-Site

Increasingly throughout the corporate business world, companies are turning to outside facilities for their workforce education and development programs. Companies go this route for three reasons: an atmosphere that removes distractions and promotes creat