Does Buying E-Learning Make Us 'Carpenters'?

I’ve been around long enough to remember when VCRs first hit the educational market. It was the first technology-based instructional tool I had seen in my young career as an educator. It was flashy, held incredible promise and was single-handedly going to

E-Learning: Making It All Happen

It does not matter whether your e-learning initiative is intended to solve a departmental problem, to update your training function or to initiate a cultural change. Often, the hardest step is taking a first step. Your success will rely on what we call “T

The Future Agenda of CLOs

In a relatively short time, CLOs have responded with due diligence and intelligence to the threats to the support, survival and growth systems of thinking, learning and training. But consolidation and reconfiguration now need to be followed by developing

Blended Learning: Finding What Works

This event is Archived:This event was previously held live on February 25, 2004 .  To view this event in archived format, please check this link! Unlike traditional education, corporate training exists primarily to improve business performance by heightened productivity, increased revenue or reduced…