Kendle International: A World Classroom

Kendle International Inc., a provider of clinical research and development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, employs nearly 1,600 associates worldwide. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kendle has conducted trials and provided

Toward a Smarter Organization

Internet learning, or e-learning, will remain a key means for achieving productivity gains in organizations. A simplistic view, however, is not only misleading but also costly. A comprehensive approach to learning with an emphasis on productivity should i

Serving Up Education

I read the latest issue (Chief Learning Officer magazine, November 2002) and found the articles well written and very informative. The article on corporate universities comes close to heart because this is a vision I have for IHOP—that we can…

Live Learning on the Web

In today’s business environment, where learning and knowledge transfer are essential to the success of every organization, chief learning officers must find ways to accelerate skills development and information flow. Combine this with the need to maximize