Pitney Bowes: Transformation for Success

Since its beginnings in 1920 when Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes invented the postage meter, Pitney Bowes has evolved into a $4.1 billion global provider of integrated mail and document management solutions. It’s hard to believe that a company whose produ

The Enterprise LMS Market: Where Are We Now?

Given the state of the enterprise e-learning market, evaluating and selecting the right vendor has never been more difficult. Global 2000 organizations have moved away from HR-centric enterprise learning and are instead focused on smaller, leaner LMS depl

The Other 80 Percent: Increasing Workforce Productivity

If you’re getting increasingly curious about how to increase employee productivity these days, when most people are asking only about how to cut costs, that’s a good sign. Research has shown that a simple 1 percent increase in productivity typically produ

Serving Up Education

I read the latest issue (Chief Learning Officer magazine, November 2002) and found the articles well written and very informative. The article on corporate universities comes close to heart because this is a vision I have for IHOP—that we can…

Training and HIPAA: Are You in Compliance?

Emerging Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance regulations require companies to train employees and certify that they comprehend the appropriate laws and are skillful in their own actions under such policy guidelines. A st

The Strategic Impact of Corporate Learning

In researching this article I asked a number of chief learning officers to react to the assertion, “Learning is a strategic advantage.” Their reactions were consistent; there was a rolling of eyes, mild amusement, but in the end grudging agreement that th

Case Studies in the ROI of Training

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for training programs can be one of the most difficult, yet necessary, responsibilities of the chief learning officer. Senior management wants to know that its investment in training is contributing to the succes

Toward a Smarter Organization

Internet learning, or e-learning, will remain a key means for achieving productivity gains in organizations. A simplistic view, however, is not only misleading but also costly. A comprehensive approach to learning with an emphasis on productivity should i

The Evolution of Training and Certification

IT training and certification will never be the same. New innovations in enterprise technology can measure performance skills and provide remediation in real time, on the job, in the context of an information worker’s workflow. The impact on training and

Training/Learning: What Fits Your Company?

Imagine being at the helm of a good-sized sailing yacht. The calm has given way to strong wind gusts, fog and stormy seas. You must rely on the skills of the crew, limited resources, navigation equipment and common sense to safely guide you and your crew

Measures of Learning Effectiveness

There is no question about it. Training and development is gaining attention in Corporate America. The industry is growing and changing to achieve a variety of goals, from satisfying immediate employment skill shortages to meeting organizations’ long-term

Ted Hoff: Leading IBM's Education Solutions

IBM is no stranger to the concept of corporate education. In fact, providing workforce development opportunities is part of the technology giant's corporate heritage, a time-tested effort to ensure market leadership through top-notch associates trained an

Enough Already! Getting Off the ROI Bandwagon

First came the articles, then the books, and now I see that an entire conference is devoted to the ROI of training. Obviously we’re seeing a backlash against the orgy of IT spending of the late 1990s, and against e-learning initiatives that fell short of

The Roller-Coaster Ride of Momentum Investing

Momentum investing became very popular during the technology run of the 1990s, which ended with the dot-com bust. Momentum investors look for stocks in early stages of strong top-line and bottom growth that could continue based on fundamental business-mod

What Is Rapid E-Learning?

At a recent conference, while I stood at my exhibition booth, I overheard a conversation between my marketing person and a mid-level training manager. The conversation was about “rapid e-learning,” or what others might call “just-in-time training.” Rapid e-learning is…

Moving From Learning to Performance

A more effective way of transferring what was learned during training to on-the-job performance may require a change in the way we think about what learning is. For many, learning is defined as “acquiring new knowledge.” In today’s results-oriented world,

Enterprise Learning Forecast: Changes on the Landscape

We’ve all heard it before. The only constant in this world is change. In the marketplace of enterprise learning, we have adopted this as a mantra. Many corporate-learning pundits and corporate executives forecast huge shifts away from instructor-led train