Learning Delivery

The Future Agenda of CLOs

In a relatively short time, CLOs have responded with due diligence and intelligence to the threats to the support, survival and growth systems of thinking, learning and training. But consolidation and reconfiguration now need to be followed by developing

Brink's Home Security: Safe Solutions

Monitoring the safety of more than 800,000 homes, Irving, Texas-based Brink’s Home Security knows that learning is imperative to customer satisfaction and company success. With more than 2,600 employees in the United States and Canada, Brink’s Home Securi

Don Ronchi: Education Launches Success for Raytheon

On the surface, you might be pretty amazed to learn just how much is placed on Don Ronchi’s professional shoulders. In addition to being chief learning officer for Raytheon Co., Ronchi is also the vice president of Raytheon Six Sigma and supply chain, giv

Human Capital Measurement: A Challenge for the CLO

A recent study conducted by the human capital practice at Deloitte & Touche in the United Kingdom made an interesting conclusion: There is much confusion about what to measure and monitor in the human capital arena. This comes as no surprise t

Acadient Targets Mutual Fund Industry With Training

On Nov. 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in cooperation with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the Officer of the Comptroller of the Currency, brought civil fraud charges against an Arizona-based company. The company is alleged to…

Lubrizol: Driving Employees to E-Learning

Lubrizol is a global, fluid technology company concentrating on high-performance chemicals, systems and service for industry and transportation. Part of Lubrizol’s corporate vision is to develop and leverage global talent, so training is a priority from t

Web Conferencing: The Future of Training

Web conferencing is no longer the exclusive tool of Fortune 500 companies and major consulting firms. With little more than a Web browser, an Internet connection and a credit card, even small firms and nonprofit organizations can hold conferences and trai

Informal Learning: A Sound Investment

Workers who know more get more accomplished. People who are well connected make greater contributions. The workers who create the most value are those who know the right people, the right stuff and the right things to do. It’s all a matter of learning

Kinko's: Documenting Success

With 20,000 team members working in more than 1,100 different locations, Kinko’s understands the value of training that can be delivered anytime, anywhere. To help reduce costs associated with instructor-led training and to enable a blended learning solut

E-Learning in the Government Market

Public- and private-sector organizations have much to learn from each other when it comes to learning management strategies. While public-sector organizations have embraced automation of training and competencies much faster than private-sector companies,

Lands' End: Learning That Fits

Lands’ End, one of the largest catalog retailers in the world, has built a successful business by combining high-quality customer service with comfortable, well-made clothing that fits. Over the years, the company has also built a reputation as a great pl

Creating the Demand for Education

If you’ve been following the trade journals and learning and development conferences, you’ve probably noticed that an awakening of sorts is going on. The fact that we are even addressing motivation as a factor in learning is a sure indication that we as a

The Role of Middle Managers in Learning

As an aspiring educator in public education, my professors and mentors taught me that the teacher’s first responsibility is to the learners and to helping those students achieve their learning outcomes. That means that teachers have an obligation to utili

PTC: Blended Learning for Sales Training

PTC develops and supports software solutions that help manufacturers automate product development processes, helping to decrease time to market and drive development costs down. With around 4,000 employees, PTC has maintained a siloed training organizatio