Learning Delivery

ADP Dealer Services: Blending Tools for Accessible Learning

Automated Data Processing Inc. (ADP), which provides of a variety of computerized transaction processing and information services to businesses around the world, underscores learning as a key component of its business culture. ADP Dealer Services, the third-largest division in the…

The Benefits of Instructional Simulations

Although instructional simulations often utilize advanced technological features, the most important point to keep in mind is that these high-tech bells and whistles have to produce practical results. Technology-intensive simulations, while aesthetically

Improv Education

The first wave of e-learning brochures invariably touted the benefits of focusing on the learner. Schools and classes had always been organized for the convenience of the faculty—one size fits all. In the e-era, learners received personalized instruction—

U.S. Navy: Steering Strategy With Executive Development

In order to modernize various strategies within the organization, the Navy established a new position, executive learning officer (ELO), to initiate customized learning programs for senior naval leadership. For most of the Navy's history, high-ranking officers were selected according to…

Taking Simulations to the Next Level

Simulations are poised to be the next big thing in learning and development. According to industry research firm Gartner, 50 percent of enterprises will be using simulations to teach vital skills to their sales and customer support professionals by 2006.

Collaborative Tools in the Learning Continuum

I recently guest-lectured on trends in workplace learning for a group of students studying for higher degrees in human resources. The students were working adults who enrolled in an evening program. I started my talk by asking the students to tell me abou

E-Learning Lessons: Compliance and IT Innovation

As the IT market gets more comfortable with the idea of recovery, speculations abound regarding "the next big thing" and which market segments stand to gain the most when IT spending returns to a more fluid pace. While some markets waned or simply disa

How Much Should You Invest in Education?

Learning and development in organizations in the past decade has transcended from low-level activities to high-profile contributors to organizational success. Budgets are growing at a faster rate than the gross national product. External learning supplier

AT&T: Connecting Education and Strategy

AT&T Learning has restructured its organization into a vertically integrated global learning organization. AT&T Learning works closely with its business partners to develop the right solutions to help them meet their business goals

Contextualized Learning: Empowering Education

Customers expect responses in real time. The sales cycle requires access to market trends in real time. And when organizations cannot or do not make critical learning content available in real time, individuals resort to the click-through ease of the Inte

The Fusion of Learning and Knowledge Management

Learning solutions and knowledge management solutions are beginning to blur and meld, and that’s good news on both sides of the equation. One CLO who is setting the course for the future of learning and knowledge sharing is Frank J. Anderson Jr., presiden

Letters to the Editor

High-Flying Fun I appreciated Fred Harburg’s article in the September Chief Learning Officer magazine, “Of Wing Walkers, Trapeze Artists and Change Managers.” As I had just moved to New York City from our home office in Carlsbad, Calif., I thought…

The Power of Informal Learning

With the dramatic decline in traditional classroom training, the increased popularity of e-learning and the emergence of a more project-based and outcome-driven learning model, it’s important to take a look at the type of learner we are trying to serve an

The Chief Learning Officer's Investment Portfolio

With global economic recovery well underway, senior training and development professionals are more optimistic in their outlook for the future. However, they are still under the gun to make investments that both deliver value immediately (if not sooner) a

Letters to the Editor

Testing Usability for New E-Learning Thank you to Shailesh Shilwant and Amy Haggarty for a very interesting article, “Usability Testing for E-Learning” in the August 2005 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine. I am interested in where the testing for…

Letters to the Editor

Courses are Alive and Well In the August issue of Chief Learning Officer, Jay Cross writes an interesting article (“Courses Are Dead”) on the changing needs of the learner. There is power in using blogs, wikis and Web 2.0, especially…