Learning Delivery

The Peace Corps: Education With a Mission

The Peace Corps reaches out to developing countries to help Americans and people of other cultures understand one another. Learning is key to mission success for a volunteer workforce that must communicate in more than 300 languages.

Portals: Enabling On-Demand Education

For years, learners have been leaving their workstations to attend training. Imagine the power of learning embedded into the workday. Through portal technology, development can take place at the time of need.

Learning Applications: Education in Context

Knowledge drives business performance, and linking mission-critical information to each employee's role and work is essential to success. The technology is available, but the model must adapt to changing needs.

Formalizing Informal Learning

Learning is a cycle that includes formal courses and informal experiences like collaboration and feedback. The key to supporting powerful performance is the ability to capture, share and leverage informal learning.

Benefiting From Learning Objects

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the largest professional science education organization in the world, recently launched a learning content management system (LCMS) that will enhance professional development options for K-12 science educa

A Parallel Universe

This may sound like the premise of yet another article on the benefits of online learning or integrated solutions. Actually, it is a quote from “Best Face Forward,” a new book by Jeffrey Rayport and Bernie Jaworski that focuses on…

Humana: Guiding Enterprise Transformation

When Humana, one of the largest publicly traded health benefits organizations in the country, changed its existing business plan to pursue a customer-centric strategy, corporate education was key to the transformation.

Microsoft: Promoting Product Preparation

Software giant Microsoft, which provides operating systems for many–if not most–of the world’s approximately 600 million personal computers, frequently releases new products. This steady stream of rollouts has been a constant test for the company’s learning and development teams, particularly…

Governance: The Next Learning Gap

Savvy CLOs are poised to close the next learning gap—enterprise learning governance. The key to success is understanding people processes and knowing how to leverage organizational disciplines effectively.

Saab: Rapid Deployment and the Extended Enterprise

With 240 dealers displaying the Saab logo nationwide, Saab Cars USA takes its technical and sales training responsibilities very seriously. Facing enormous pressure to meet faster new model introduction cycles and ever-more-complex training needs, Saab turned to CyberU and its…

E-learning Tied to Sales Increases

Delivering e-learning to the sales force might be one of the best ways for an enterprise to build measurable business impact and increase productivity according to a recent report from brandon-hall.com. Companies that participated in the study, including