Learning Delivery

Evaluating a Reusable Learning Object Strategy

There is little debate that effective instructional content (instructional material) is the cornerstone of good online learning and other kinds of instruction, such as traditional classroom instruction, videos, CBTs and job aids. The challenge for CLOs is

Buckle Up: Generation Y Is Here

The year 1981 was very special—“Chariots of Fire” won the Oscar for Best Picture, IBM officially launched the PC, and generation Y was born. Generational cohorts are groups of people, usually born in the same 20-year time span, who share common life

UPS: Delivering Lifelong Learning

With a workforce of around 360,000 in the United States and around the world, the training and development leaders at UPS are intent on creating a lifelong learning environment. Corporate schools manage the various stages of employees’ careers, from orien

HR Outsourcing: The Impact on Corporate Learning

Corporate learning has always been the poor relation of all the management disciplines. Some corporations simply don’t believe in it, preferring to buy knowledge and skills when needed. Others have a large training department for internal courses and a si

Novartis: Supporting Sales Leaders Through Simulations

Novartis, a leader in pharmaceutical research and development with businesses in pharmaceuticals, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health, was created in 1996 from the merger of the Swiss companies Ciba and Sandoz. Headquartered in Basel, Sw

U.S. Navy: Smooth Sailing for Education

For the U.S. Navy, “mission-critical learning” takes on a whole new meaning. Reaching around 2 million people with learning, the Naval Education Training Command (NETC) designs the guidelines under which training is developed and delivered for active-duty

LMS: Your Key to Competitive Advantage

Can a call-center attendant, in the critical moment, quickly find the answer a customer requires to remain loyal? Does a company know if its investment in new product sales training actually contributes to increasing revenue? Overflowing and unmanageable,

CNA Insurance: Leading With Blended Learning

In the spring of 2002, CNA Insurance decided to dramatically change its leadership strategy through a new performance management process. The new process set in place a set of performance-planning tools and processes that affected more than 2,300 managers

Blended Learning and Business Change

Online delivery of training (i.e., e-learning) has surpassed the early-adopter stage, and companies find that the longer they use it, the more they use it. A cost-cutting slant has been effective in fostering its growth as a tool at the disposal of traini

Blended Learning: Finding What Works

This event is Archived:This event was previously held live on February 25, 2004 .  To view this event in archived format, please check this link! Unlike traditional education, corporate training exists primarily to improve business performance by heightened productivity, increased revenue or reduced…

The Future Agenda of CLOs

In a relatively short time, CLOs have responded with due diligence and intelligence to the threats to the support, survival and growth systems of thinking, learning and training. But consolidation and reconfiguration now need to be followed by developing

Blended Learning: Finding What Works

Blended learning is the latest buzzword in corporate training. It sounds so simple—mixing e-learning with other types of training delivery. But now that Internet training is so widespread, where does it fit? What are the best ways to “blend” delivery type

Brink's Home Security: Safe Solutions

Monitoring the safety of more than 800,000 homes, Irving, Texas-based Brink’s Home Security knows that learning is imperative to customer satisfaction and company success. With more than 2,600 employees in the United States and Canada, Brink’s Home Securi

Don Ronchi: Education Launches Success for Raytheon

On the surface, you might be pretty amazed to learn just how much is placed on Don Ronchi’s professional shoulders. In addition to being chief learning officer for Raytheon Co., Ronchi is also the vice president of Raytheon Six Sigma and supply chain, giv

Human Capital Measurement: A Challenge for the CLO

A recent study conducted by the human capital practice at Deloitte & Touche in the United Kingdom made an interesting conclusion: There is much confusion about what to measure and monitor in the human capital arena. This comes as no surprise t

Acadient Targets Mutual Fund Industry With Training

On Nov. 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in cooperation with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the Officer of the Comptroller of the Currency, brought civil fraud charges against an Arizona-based company. The company is alleged to…