Leadership Development

Building Leaders and Driving Change

In tough times, the argument goes, leadership development is the first thing to cut. Maybe so for some organizations, but not necessarily for forward-looking companies. From the worst of times comes the best of times, and organizations with hopes of capit

Steelcase: Migrating Employees to New Systems

Ranked number 425 on the Fortune 500 list, and with more than $4 billion in revenue in 2001, Steelcase is the undisputed leader in the global office furniture industry. When faced with a company-wide migration from version 3.1 of SAP to version 4.6, Steel

Stephen E. Scholl: Ensuring Allstate's Education

When Stephen E. Scholl graduated from Albright College in 1979, he was armed with a sociology degree and a healthy respect for education. And while he didn�t start out to be a teacher, a provider of educational opportunities is just what he became nonet

Century 21: Bringing Learning Home

Managing training at a large corporation like Century 21 is no small challenge. With about 88,000 agents and 4,400 brokers dispersed across 30 countries, the paperwork alone stacks up like a mortgage application. But a mission is a mission, and at Century

2010 CLO Business Intelligence Industry Report

In today’s economy, making the right decisions is more crucial than ever. In the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Industry Report, more than 2000 of today’s most respected learning executives share their valuable insights and outlooks for