Leadership Development

Baptist Health Care: Training Chief Retention Officers

Ask whether there is a link between learning and retention, and most managers and human resources professionals will say, “Yes!” Ask them to describe that link, and most will tell you that well-designed and well-chosen learning enables people to understan

Bob Corcoran: The Power of GE Education

More and more companies today are realizing the value of workforce learning and development, reaping the return on investments into human capital. Ask chief learning officers to name the leading companies in the enterprise education movement, and it’s alm

The Impact of Assessment and Testing

Business performance and employee career plans ride on the relevance and validity of corporate learning programs. Valid corporate learning programs make learning assessment an ongoing part of training and an ongoing, fundamental part of your employees’ jo

Mike Barger: Training Takes Flight

It’s certainly not a stretch to say flying is in Mike Barger’s blood. Not only is the JetBlue AirWays’ vice president and chief learning officer an experienced pilot himself, he also grew up near an airport, the son of a pilot and a flight attendant. Fact

BC Hydro: The Power of Learning

BC Hydro, one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, serves more than 1.6 million customers with electricity generated at over 30 hydroelectric and thermal power plants. As an electric utility, the company is required to comply with government-manda

Corey Jack: Banking on Education

Heading the learning and development operations for a financial institution operating on an international platform requires flexibility, vision and proactive planning. As the executive head of BMO Financial Group’s Institute of Learning, Corey Jack is abl

Don Ronchi: Education Launches Success for Raytheon

On the surface, you might be pretty amazed to learn just how much is placed on Don Ronchi’s professional shoulders. In addition to being chief learning officer for Raytheon Co., Ronchi is also the vice president of Raytheon Six Sigma and supply chain, giv

Cox Enterprises Inc.: Turning Leadership Into Dollars

How do individual leadership styles and organizational culture work together to affect bottom-line performance? This is the question Gordon French, director of organizational development at Cox Enterprises Inc., had in mind when he began looking for a way

Blended Leadership Development Programs

In the past, economic downturns meant cuts in leadership development programs; however, in most organizations today the opposite is found to be true. Organizations recognize that the turbulence of global markets, competition, geopolitics and the economy r

Human Capital Measurement: A Challenge for the CLO

A recent study conducted by the human capital practice at Deloitte & Touche in the United Kingdom made an interesting conclusion: There is much confusion about what to measure and monitor in the human capital arena. This comes as no surprise t

Avanade Inc.: Leaders in Technology

Founded in April 2000, Avanade is the premier technology integrator for Microsoft solutions in the enterprise and a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Global in scale, Avanade already employs more than 1,500 people in 13 countries, including 1

Alignment and Business Relevance

New customer demands coupled with new technologies and a changing competitive landscape are causing corporate learning departments to rethink their value, role and impact on the organization. Added to this changing environment is an increasing level of bu

Tamar Elkeles: Technology and Training at QUALCOMM

To the uninitiated or unfamiliar, life at QUALCOMM might be predicted as boring. A high-tech communications company populated by engineers working with chips and circuits and wireless equipment may be cutting-edge, but all that raises a stereotypic image