Leadership Development

Issues in Government Learning

What Can Corporate Executives Learn From Government Learning Initiatives?   There is no doubt that the government faces unique learning challenges not seen in the private sector, but there is still plenty that private-sector chief learning officers can learn from…

Whirlpool: Innovation and Organizational Learning

Three years ago, Whirlpool Corp. launched a global innovation initiative to differentiate itself from its competitors by delivering unique products and solutions to make customers’ lives easier. This initiative was far from simple sloganeering. The initia

The Strategic Impact of Corporate Learning

In researching this article I asked a number of chief learning officers to react to the assertion, “Learning is a strategic advantage.” Their reactions were consistent; there was a rolling of eyes, mild amusement, but in the end grudging agreement that th

Case Studies in the ROI of Training

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for training programs can be one of the most difficult, yet necessary, responsibilities of the chief learning officer. Senior management wants to know that its investment in training is contributing to the succes

Learning in Harmony: Reducing Liability Risks

Today’s litigious workplace climate puts further stress on businesses that are also facing shareholder lawsuits citing the lack of effective corporate governance, as well as mounting regulations and skyrocketing insurance prices. And companies in all indu

The Home Depot: Building Continuing Education

As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot is certainly no stranger to the concept of construction. The 1,504 Home Depot stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico (including the Expo Design Center brand) dai

The CLO Pathway

I am enrolled in a new master’s program at Northwestern University. Upon completion, I will receive my degree in learning and organizational change. What type of knowledge, skills and ability are corporations and organizations looking for when hiring chief learning…

OSRAM Sylvania: A Winning Management Training Program

Now the second largest lighting company in the United States, OSRAM SYLVANIA has proved throughout its 102 years in business that it can invent itself repeatedly using technology and redirecting leadership development to attract and retain the most demand

Training/Learning: What Fits Your Company?

Imagine being at the helm of a good-sized sailing yacht. The calm has given way to strong wind gusts, fog and stormy seas. You must rely on the skills of the crew, limited resources, navigation equipment and common sense to safely guide you and your crew

Development as a Retention Tool

In today’s volatile economy, corporations are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance shareholder value and improve bottom-line results. While there have been a variety of strategies implemented to achieve these goals, successful organizations

Ted Hoff: Leading IBM's Education Solutions

IBM is no stranger to the concept of corporate education. In fact, providing workforce development opportunities is part of the technology giant's corporate heritage, a time-tested effort to ensure market leadership through top-notch associates trained an

Deloitte Consulting: Educating a Global Team

As executives with a strong interest in the delivery of learning, you don't have to be told that education is big business. Whether your business is manufacturing or marketing, there are undeniable advantages to leading a well-trained team.

Building Leaders and Driving Change

In tough times, the argument goes, leadership development is the first thing to cut. Maybe so for some organizations, but not necessarily for forward-looking companies. From the worst of times comes the best of times, and organizations with hopes of capit

Learning Styles: What's Right for Your Enterprise?

When I was a child, admittedly now a long, long time ago, one of the most favorite games we played in school and in our neighborhood was �Simon Says.� The rules of the game are incredibly simple: Do exactly, but only, what Simon tells you to do. If th

Collaborative Tools for e-Learning

When my colleague Padma Medury and I conducted a survey on collaborative technologies and groupware in 1990, little did we know the degree to which Web-based tools would reshape and elevate this field. We discovered conferencing and collaboration tools fo