Leadership Development

Cox Enterprises Inc.: Turning Leadership Into Dollars

How do individual leadership styles and organizational culture work together to affect bottom-line performance? This is the question Gordon French, director of organizational development at Cox Enterprises Inc., had in mind when he began looking for a way

Blended Leadership Development Programs

In the past, economic downturns meant cuts in leadership development programs; however, in most organizations today the opposite is found to be true. Organizations recognize that the turbulence of global markets, competition, geopolitics and the economy r

Human Capital Measurement: A Challenge for the CLO

A recent study conducted by the human capital practice at Deloitte & Touche in the United Kingdom made an interesting conclusion: There is much confusion about what to measure and monitor in the human capital arena. This comes as no surprise t

Avanade Inc.: Leaders in Technology

Founded in April 2000, Avanade is the premier technology integrator for Microsoft solutions in the enterprise and a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Global in scale, Avanade already employs more than 1,500 people in 13 countries, including 1

Alignment and Business Relevance

New customer demands coupled with new technologies and a changing competitive landscape are causing corporate learning departments to rethink their value, role and impact on the organization. Added to this changing environment is an increasing level of bu

Tamar Elkeles: Technology and Training at QUALCOMM

To the uninitiated or unfamiliar, life at QUALCOMM might be predicted as boring. A high-tech communications company populated by engineers working with chips and circuits and wireless equipment may be cutting-edge, but all that raises a stereotypic image

E-Learning in the Government Market

Public- and private-sector organizations have much to learn from each other when it comes to learning management strategies. While public-sector organizations have embraced automation of training and competencies much faster than private-sector companies,

Unilever: Developing Leadership Competency

In 2000, Unilever, one of the world’s leading foods, home and personal care companies, initiated a five-year, comprehensive change program aimed at improving the company’s growth. As part of that program, Unilever implemented the Leadership Growth Profile

Six Sigma: Quality Performance

Chief learning officers in many organizations focus on the cutting edge of business practices to shape the corporate learning agenda. Quality initiatives like Six Sigma have long been a priority on that agenda. Let’s examine three major implications of Si

The New Enterprise Learning Footprint

Since the introduction of the first e-learning solutions in 1996, a lot has changed in corporate education and training. The first wave of e-learning started with self-paced learning followed by the fast growth of live e-learning. The next step in this ev

American Standard: Tracking the Bottom-Line Impact

American Standard may be best known for its white porcelain toilets, but the Piscataway, N.J.-based corporation encompasses far more. In fact, plumbing products account for barely a quarter of the annual revenues of American Standard Cos., an organization

Measuring Learning Investments

I was recently asked to submit a cost analysis on attending a major trade event. To build my case, I outlined objectives and mapped a strategy for reaching them. I established a metric by which to determine satisfactory return on investment (ROI) and list

CenterPoint Energy: Powering Up Learning

CenterPoint Energy was formed in October 2002 when Reliant Energy split its regulated and non-regulated companies. The unregulated company became Reliant Resources, and the regulated company became CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint Energy is now one of the

Ed Sketch: Ford's Drive Toward Quality Education

Everyone who has spent any time around business knows about the innovations Henry Ford brought to the industrial world, first and foremost with the creation of the assembly line production system. It’s not surprising that the Ford Motor Co. is still an in