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Letters to the Editor

Performance Coaching I just read about Chuck O’Keefe’s performance coaching initiative at Toyota on the CLO Web site (“Performance Coaching Breakthrough”). I’m really impressed by O’Keefe’s ingenuity, as dealerships are such a difficult environment and frankly, as a car buyer,…

The Trickle-Up Theory of Education

I’ve had a lifetime of great teachers, both in schools and in the “real world.” But business has turned out to be the greatest educator and experience the sharpest master. With each passing day, week, month, year, I learn more about myself, my employees,

The Power of Informal Learning

With the dramatic decline in traditional classroom training, the increased popularity of e-learning and the emergence of a more project-based and outcome-driven learning model, it’s important to take a look at the type of learner we are trying to serve an

Letters to the Editor

Manager Mentorship I recently read Mario Berard’s article in Chief Learning Officer magazine, “Coaching and Mentoring: Enhancing Education.” (November 2005.) I am in the midst of creating a manager mentorship program for our organization. In reality, the program has been…

Letters to the Editor

CompUSA: Too Many or Too Few Learning Dollars? The table of contents description of the CompUSA case study (“Computerized Learning at CompUSA,” March 2007) tells us that CompUSA cut its training costs from $50 to $1 per unit. A few…

Letters to the Editor

CLO Praise I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have gladly just re-subscribed for the free Chief Learning Officer magazine and the CLO Executive Briefings e-newsletter. I am not a business CLO. However, I…

Performance-Based Succession Planning

Developing direct reports is the responsibility of each and every supervisor. Succession planning provides a direct and easy-to-follow model for strategic talent management. Viewing employee development from the organizational perspective of succession pl

Letters to the Editor

An Active Role in Education I just read the article, “Survey: Tech Workers Get Little Career Guidance or Support,” which appeared in the Jan. 25 issue of the CLO Executive Briefings newsletter. The results of this survey released by the…

Letters to the Editor

Encouraging Critical Thinking I really enjoyed Fred Harburg’s Strategies article, “Thinkers, Not Phone Books—Learning How to Learn,” in the January 2005 issue of CLO magazine. I particularly agreed with his final point concerning the need to encourage critical thinking skills,…

Chief Learning Officer, Sensis Corp.

Sensis' Chief Learning Officer will have the responsibility, authority and resources to ensure that Sensis becomes and remains an effective learning organization as needed to achieve the company's goals, aspirations and vision. The successful candidate wi

The MONY Group: Investing in Education

MONY recently expanded its e-learning platform and the accompanying courseware to focus on providing training that will emphasize quality financial services and advice so that clients will benefit from a uniform, high-quality experience. The new e-learnin

Who Knows?

What would you think of an assembly line where workers didn’t know where to find the parts they were supposed to attach? Absurd, you say. Heads would roll. Yet for knowledge workers, this is routine.

Who Knows?

Only one in five knowledge workers consistently finds the information needed to do their jobs. This happens to “knowledge customers,” too, half of whom bail before completing online orders. Other studies have found that knowledge workers spend more time r