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Letters to the Editor

CLO Praise I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have gladly just re-subscribed for the free Chief Learning Officer magazine and the CLO Executive Briefings e-newsletter. I am not a business CLO. However, I…

Performance-Based Succession Planning

Developing direct reports is the responsibility of each and every supervisor. Succession planning provides a direct and easy-to-follow model for strategic talent management. Viewing employee development from the organizational perspective of succession pl

Letters to the Editor

An Active Role in Education I just read the article, “Survey: Tech Workers Get Little Career Guidance or Support,” which appeared in the Jan. 25 issue of the CLO Executive Briefings newsletter. The results of this survey released by the…

Chief Learning Officer, Sensis Corp.

Sensis' Chief Learning Officer will have the responsibility, authority and resources to ensure that Sensis becomes and remains an effective learning organization as needed to achieve the company's goals, aspirations and vision. The successful candidate wi

The MONY Group: Investing in Education

MONY recently expanded its e-learning platform and the accompanying courseware to focus on providing training that will emphasize quality financial services and advice so that clients will benefit from a uniform, high-quality experience. The new e-learnin

Who Knows?

What would you think of an assembly line where workers didn’t know where to find the parts they were supposed to attach? Absurd, you say. Heads would roll. Yet for knowledge workers, this is routine.

Who Knows?

Only one in five knowledge workers consistently finds the information needed to do their jobs. This happens to “knowledge customers,” too, half of whom bail before completing online orders. Other studies have found that knowledge workers spend more time r

What Lies Ahead

I never think of the future; it comes soon enough.—Albert Einstein I was reducing my pile of reading materials recently when I came across the quote above. I had to stop what I was doing, stunned by the fact that…

Talent Management: Valuing Human Capital

It is the job of the learning organization to mold individuals to maximize their potential, to help employees find their true talents and leverage them on the job, and to arm the workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in an exception

Building the Impact of Learning

Employees who are learning new job skills and job roles are sometimes just thrown into those roles by companies that take a sink-or-swim approach to training. But to ensure the success of strategic initiatives and build employee satisfaction and retention