Learning Delivery

Why Training Spending Levels Don’t Matter Anymore

Training expenditure is a metric still used by many human resources and training professionals, as well as some market evaluators, to measure the value that enterprises place on education and training. However, it is known that training expenditure per person is not an indicator of: Access to training for employees. The quality of the training. The effectiveness of knowledge transfer…

Emergent Learning

Not so long ago, e-learning was a utopian dream. Networked learning would educate the world. E-learning promoters saw themselves as innovators writing corporate history. Excitement filled the air. That future has arrived. Today a healthy percentage of

Are Your Top Leaders Battling to Build Energy?

Although the economy may be showing signs of recovery, senior leaders are just beginning to feel some of the repercussions of the economic downturn, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Business School and eePulse Inc., which delivers Web-based leadership tools for change management and continuous improvement. While leaders are feeling a growing confidence in the economic…