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The Week That Was

The Week That Was

The Week That Was

January 17, 2013
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Cozy up near the fire -- and out of the winter cold -- with these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 14.

1. Employees Take Charge of Their Own Development: The days of training as something that is done to you are ending. Replacing it is a more employee-driven model that is responsive to changing career paths and organizational priorities. CLO editor Mike Prokopeak has more.

2. How to Retrain for a Second Career: When factored into learning design, understanding employees’ personalities and what motivates them at work can make it easier to retrain an individual. Sherrie Haynie and Pam Valencia, organizational development consultants for people development company CPP Inc., have more.

3. Those Who Manage, Teach: Bosses who teach skills and habits to employees drive higher individual productivity and elevate team performance, writes CLO editor Mike Prokopeak.

4. Inject Strategy in Mobile Learning | Video: Coldwell Banker's David Birnbaum says the benefits of mobile learning cannot be realized until they're tied to the wants and needs of the people expected to use it.

5. Study: Talent Shortage Looming: The shortage will drive an accelerated need for career and leadership development and re-engagement of the workforce, according to a new study.

On Another Note ...

Did you know that protocol at some law firms demands addressing emails in experience-descending order?

Apparently it's quite common where mass emails regarding a case must be addressed first to the firm's senior partner, then junior partner and so on, writes Sybil Dunlop in this blog post on

"I was immediately confused by this system," Dunlop writes. "The beauty of email is that everyone receives the message instantaneously. It shouldn’t matter whether the paralegal or senior associate is listed first or last, they will both receive the same email instantaneously."

She continued:

"My big firm friends, however, told stories of partners admonishing associates for straying from this paradigm. Rumor has it, partners have even criticized associates for 'getting it wrong' in the blind carbon copy line — that’s right, no one can see the order, but it mattered. The paradigm, however, also presented philosophical conundrums. Where to place an 'of counsel' or a non-tenure track fourth year in the ordering? Like any caste system, there is also room for subversion. One friend detailed her delight in emailing an opposing counsel and listing every junior associate before listing the annoying partner."

Also ...

Bloomberg Businessweek highlights The 10 Craziest Things Employees Tried to Expense Last Year.

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