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Gen Y’s Goals for 2013

January 4, 2013
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There are certain stereotypes that go along with being a millennial, and although research has tried to refute them, some critics still say most Gen Y workers are not employed in large numbers inside America’s biggest companies because they’re lazy.

According to a report published last August by PayScale and Millennial Branding, more than 63 percent of Gen Y workers have a bachelor’s degree, but the most commonly reported jobs for Gen Y — merchandise displayer and cellphone sales representative — don’t necessarily require a college degree. This might be the year this changes.

With a new year comes more opportunities and the chance for people to reach new goals. On Dec. 29 YPulse released its findings on millennials’ goals for this year. Getting a job, or a better job, were by far the most common goals that millennials have set for 2013. While unemployment and underemployment were major barriers in 2012, millennials hope to finally get past them in the coming year to earn money and gain experience.

But they still won’t settle for just any job. Millennials value money, a dynamic culture and purpose. They want to earn a good living while doing work that matters. They’re optimistic about the future and eager to work at your company this year — what are you offering in return?

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