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Learning In Practice 2014: Technology Division 2 Winners

From left: David Comstock and Daniel Carusi Gold David Comstock Senior Manager of Learning Solutions, Edwards Lifesciences Corp. Before Edwards Lifesciences Corp. launched Edwards University in 2013, training at the health care company mostly focused on compliance with a sprinkling…

2014 Learning In Practice Winners

Excellence In Academic Partnerships | Excellence In Vendor Partnership | Excellence In Blended Technology Excellence In Gaming And Simulations | Excellence In Content | Excellence In E-Learning Excellence In Social Learning | Excellence In Community Service | The Business Impact…

Move Around Before Moving Up

More organizations and their employees are finding the traditional corporate ladder no longer exists. Lateral career moves have become the best way to get ahead.

Maximizing Leaders’ Latent Skills

Focusing on default skills leads to leaders resting on their laurels, lopsided behaviors and career detriment. Continually developing skills that need grooming is what builds a great and modern leader.

Lessons from the 2014 Skillsoft Perspectives Conference

When I first arrived at the airport in Las Vegas for the Skillsoft Perspectives event on Tuesday, I jumped into a cab, and the driver asked where I was from. I said Chicago and asked him how long he had lived in Vegas. He said 10 years, and I asked him if he liked it. He told me he loved it, that there are no rules here; that it’s always hot; why would you want to live anywhere else? I like seasons and rules, I told him. I think they exist for a reason. “You’ve got to break the rules to get places,” he said. “Some rules aren’t even rules, we just think they’re rules.” I wasn’t buying it.

The High Performance Learning Function

This white paper builds on information presented in the 2011 and 2012 edition of The Modern Learning Organization: A Path Forward. The 2014 LearningElite white paper “The High Performance Learning Function” describes the LearningElite benchmarking program with supporting research aimed…