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Amid Distraction, Microlearning Blooms

Microlearning can accommodate a distracted and time-crunched workforce.

People no longer have the capacity or appetite to spend extensive amounts of time on skill building or information gathering, says Adri Maisonet Morales, vice president, enterprise learning and development at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Introducing Bloom, a new video-based platform, allowed BCBS of North Carolina to get employees what they needed in the moment.

Read the full transcript of Maisonet Morales’ interview below:

Organizationally, we were just driven to distraction. We had so much going on with The Affordable Care Act, so [because of] that coupled with a number of transformational initiatives that we had in the organization, the workforce was burdened with coming to formal training, the instructor-led training.

People just don’t have time anymore. They don’t have the appetite necessarily for every piece of information that they need in the moment to take a long time. There’s not an appetite necessarily to have to schedule time for skill building or information gathering for something that they need in that particular moment. So, with that, it made sense for us to really look at the trends in the workforce, the trends demographically across the world and the needs that people have. And how we can accommodate that from Blue Cross North Carolina’s perspective was to introduce a video-based platform that allowed people to get exactly what they needed, in the moment, in the shortest amount of time possible.

The name of it is “Bloom,” and it actually did bloom – it did exactly that. So, it started out as a vision just for the learning thread. A way for us to introduce a new medium for our learning population. The way that we went about socializing it, however, was to connect different parts of the organization, such as marketing, corporate communications, IT, etc., and rather than selling the technology, we sold the possibilities. And once people really understood what the technology could do, and the possibilities as it pertained to their particular area, everyone got on board very, very quickly. Because there was pent-up demand that we just didn’t know about at the time – it was just somewhat of an intuition – it really took off very naturally in the organization and literally went from single-thread to an enterprise solution in a matter of months.

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