Learning In Practice Awards

The Technology Award

Learning executives who have delivered new and unique applications of emerging technology to employee learning and development.

For learning executives who have delivered new and unique applications of emerging technology to employee learning and development.



Supreetha Nagaraja

Senior Adviser at Dell EMC Education Services

Video-based learning became popular quickly but with its demand came the challenge of managing how video is stored, duplicated and managed. There was also little set process to determining who consumes the content and how much is consumed.

In response to these issues, Supreetha Nagaraja and her team at Dell EMC Education Services created the company’s own learning video management and delivery platform called eduTube so Dell employees could easily share and manage video learning content. The eduTube interface works across desktop and mobile platforms and allows employees to manage content to align with specific topic areas. It consists of four components including user interface, administration tools, an SQL database and delivery architecture that allow for rapid integration of new technologies.

Since Nagaraja launched eduTube, Dell has seen it pay off in multiple ways. Video-based content delivery now accounts for more than 9,000 student days per fiscal quarter, a 300 percent increase since eduTube’s launch. The platform also allows data to be collected on how long a video is watched, how many times it’s viewed and who has viewed it. During a fiscal quarter, eduTube videos receive about 250,000 to 300,000 views.

The platform also has metrics for the number of distinct users and which specific groups have the highest numbers of views and downloads. Through the centralized program, videos are now embedded in e-learning content, corporate communications, marketing programs, yearly sales kickoff campaigns and many other programs.


Marina Tyazhelkova

Global Head of Management & Organization Development, BNY Mellon

The investment industry is continuously changing. Regulatory changes and organizational adjustments in response to demographic and investment shifts mean a changing future for the industry. At BNY Mellon, Marina Tyazhelkova focused on powering investment success for clients and driving shareholder value by addressing these changes head-on with a globally scalable learning strategy that focuses on technology to drive innovation and client focus.

BNY Mellon developed four flagship leadership programs designed for specific leadership levels, each program lasting 60 days. In addition to the flagship programs, there are open enrollment virtual modules that include competency-based interviewing, workplace excellence, managing low performance, and coaching and change management. The learning strategy includes virtual classrooms, digitalized business simulations, vignettes and social learning platforms. After taking part in the program, nearly 87 percent of participants and managers said they were more focused on driving higher team performance in alignment with strategy and 82 percent of managers recognized an increase in participants’ leadership skills.


Jawanda Staber

Director of Global Talent Development, Mastercard

Jawanda Staber and the talent development team at Mastercard developed an easy-to-use, digital onboarding training program. The Getting Started Experience includes a Welcome to Mastercard learning pathway which allows employees to share and track their learning. In the program, new hires can access courses, videos, articles, professional whitepapers and learning pathways and share their thoughts and knowledge with peers.



Sally Goeke

Technology Training Project Specialist, Sidley Austin LLP

When Sidley Austin LLP upgraded its operating system and software suite for the first time since 2009, lawyers and staff had a major learning curve to overcome. Adding to the challenge, the firm had to customize learning to a broad range of employees at all levels from lawyers, legal assistants, secretaries and professional staff across four generations.

Sally Goeke led the team in conducting an in-depth needs assessment and found they needed a blended learning experience to connect learners’ past knowledge with business processes in the new platform.

Over an eight-month period, they designed and developed a global learning initiative called Launch Plus to help employees with the transition through the new technology platform and speed up utilization. They used adult learning methods like interactive goal-oriented activities, real work examples and the “Show, Try, Apply” method to present new ideas, offer hands-on experience and apply skills in the legal environment.

After implementation of the initiative, surveys indicated an average of 4.7 out of 5 for meeting expectations. In addition, 45 percent of lawyers took advantage of one-on-one coaching or workshops even though it was not mandated. Participants cited the use of short videos aligned to specific issues as a highlight of the program.


Valerie Davisson

Mandy Monk and Valerie Davisson

Chief People Officer, At Home Decor Stores

When Valerie Davisson joined At Home Decor Stores as chief people officer there was no formal employee training program in place. As the company grew to more than 3,200 employees, she knew they needed to create a program that was lean, scalable, simple and seamless.

Under Davisson’s direction, the company implemented a companywide e-learning platform as the backbone of the new learning process. After a successful six-month pilot program, At Home planned an official adoption of the program focused on engaging end-users and store managers so they could see the use and benefits of the platform.

As employees began to use the program, gamification features like leaderboards and rewards motivated users to engage and re-engage. The new platform breaks content into microsized pieces so associates can do a few minutes of training during every shift. Since adoption, At Home has trained 500 associates with little need for field support. Training that would have previously taken six months now takes just six weeks.


Annie Abrams

Vice President, Skyline Group International

After piloting its coaching programs for MSCI, a provider of research, insights and tools for institutional investors, Skyline Group International created the Accelerate Leadership Development Program combining the best of in-person learning with online efficiency through an implementation utilizing 360-degree assessments, executive coaches, competency based online learning, virtual sessions and a capstone 2 1/2-day leadership summit that has increased employee retention, engagement and skill development.

Ave Rio is an associate editor at Chief Learning Officer magazine. She can be reached at editor@CLOmedia.com.

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