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Learning Technologies Group Acquires NetDimensions

The e-learning service provider is deepening its work in the digital learning space.

hr tech, lms, e-learningTransformations in the HR technology space continue with the March 20 news that the London-based e-learning services company Learning Technologies Group completed its acquisition of NetDimensions, a Hong-Kong-based enterprise talent management software platform company.

The £53.6 million (about $67.4 million) is smaller than the $293 million Saba-Halogen deal announced in February. Still, the LTG-NetDimensions news points to ongoing shifts happening in an industry where vendors are pooling their resources and capabilities to compete in a crowded market.

According to a press release, this new acquisition rounds out LTG’s portfolio that includes digital learning specialists like LEO, Gomo, Eukleia, Preloaded and Rustici. With learning management technology now in its portfolio, the Group will be able to create and provide end-to-end learning solutions to clients. It also will be able to bring its products and services to more regions as well as sectors like financial services, defense and security, and government.

NetDimensions, which has offices in the United States, the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, will remain a separate operating company and brand within the group.

“The addition of NetDimensions’ platform bolsters our competitive edge and allows us to offer unrivalled capability and value,” Jonathan Satchell, LTG’s chief executive said in press release.

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