The Power of Simulations

The IT professional sits down in front of her computer and begins pressing keys. Phones are ringing, colleagues are calling, and the employee’s mind races in several directions. Not quite remembering advice from that classroom course last year, she hits the wrong key. Faster than she can say, “Oops,” a worldwide network collapses.

The sales professional sits down in the client’s office, ready to close that six-figure deal. As the client slowly takes one last look at the contract, the salesman can sense the uncertainty. Remembering the simulated training course on sealing the difficult deal, the salesman reviews the key benefits and stresses the positive potential. The deal is done.

Such is the power of simulations.

While all forms of education delivery have their supporters, the growing use of simulations in corporate learning speaks for itself: Chief learning officers are realizing the power of this exciting technology and are taking advantage of the potential for real-world, hands-on, no-risk knowledge transfer.

We’re taking advantage of the power of simulations, as well. Simulation training represents a big ballpark, and to cover it completely requires more space and resources than a typical magazine article allows. So, with simulations in mind, we’re launching this first issue of the CLO Special Reports supplement to Chief Learning Officer magazine.

CLO Special Reports will allow us to present you with more in-depth, targeted information on the tools, topics, issues and ideas that dominate your day. Each supplement will include the basic elements of CLO that you’ve come to trust—the feature articles, original research and case studies. We’ll follow this debut with another CLO Special Reports supplement with November’s issue, focusing on workforce collaboration and the tools that bring people together.

I trust you’ll find the CLO Special Reports supplements to be reliable resources for more in-depth information. As always, please do let me know what you think

Norm Kamikow

Editor In Chief


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